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How did those maple leaves get in your bathtub?Meh.  I don’t know.Shrug shrug. What would you like to have for dinner?Meh. I dunno.Shrug shrug. Did you enjoy the movie last night?Meh. Sheesh.Eye roll.I thought the movie was rather boring and am thinking o...

Next Stop

Beat poem

It's crazy what you can find inside your mind sometimes. Scary, at the very least, and yet it comes in rhymes. Sometimes. I stepped up to someone I thought I knew, but it wasn't you. You knew it too. Didn't you? I fell into a colorful dream of dark and gr...

Level With Me

Anyone want to give their two cents?

Sometimes I guess I am selfish, denying what is true. Or could be true. So many things have no definitive answers that I go crazy. But not technically crazy. I have been tested after all. So many tests. No actual answer. I'm fine. "You're fine." I get tha...

Just Wondering

Thinking again

I wonder if everyone feels all alone sometimes.I wonder if I'd done less drugs, would my mind be clearer? Would I have more answers and less questions?I wonder if I've completely accepted my past enough so to leave it behind.I wonder what that tarot card...

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The Gathering

Queen Ariane feels it in her heart but knows not why.

Inspired by the work of Anne Stokes, 'Solstice Gathering'Ariane stood atop the castle battlements and looked out across the heavily wooded landscape that stretched far into the distance as far as she could see. It was the twenty-first day of December in t...


Brain Purge

I found some footprints in the snow. Although I didn’t know where they would go, I followed them just the same. The snowstorm in my brain makes me ask once again, am I sane? Will the footprints ever stop and reach a destination? My tormented soul followin...

Do You Even Care?

I really have to wonder

A day filled with lots of pain, No call to ask how I am.This marriage is under strain,To me it's a total sham.You seem not to care,I give it my complete all.Thank God, for my emotional affair,I feel like all I do is talk to a wall. I had major work done y...


I have no story to tell

Does it feel like a triumph? Does it trouble your mind, the way you trouble mine? ~Exile Vilify

When the words cut off, my lips quiver with the thought of what else, I can say. As I pour my heart out all over this blank screen, I can't help but wonder what purpose I have for doing this. I don't even know what feelings I stir up with these words, the...

If I asked you to love me Would you give me all your days Or would you slowly slip away Never to see me again If I told you how deep my love was Would you throw it in my face Laugh and mock at me Then give me public disgrace If I asked to share your name...

A Life Of Wondering

Lots of different feelings

Sometimes we laugh and everything is great, Other times it's silence and moods.It's a crap shoot to try to relate,I don't ever want to intrude.I then feel like it's some how my fault,You don't want to talk to me.You put your feelings into a vault,I just w...

I get so sad in this place,I try to tell you how I feel.Just sleeping and crying in this space,What is the fucking deal?You never deal with things,I ask you things, but then you shout.I feel like I'm hanging off a string,I'm sad and often pout.I'm here un...