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"free verse poem about validation; being different; being seen and acknowledged."
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Author's Notes

"This is my first poem shared here; feedback is appreciated."

In the crossroads where silence meets sound,

I find holy ground

And I crave the pain of bravery

When a moment of empathy flowers into envy

I cry without knowing why

I wish for a broken spirit so that I can fly

The disparity of my reality

So many ifs and maybes



Like life smoke escaping

From being at the end of a rope

Holding on to life

And the only friend

Is the Strife

Slowly transforming your coal dusty soul

Into … more?

So when I birth

The pain of my worth

Before your eyes

Don’t look away

Just open your arms

And say :

I am here

I suffer with you

Your pain is real

And I hope you heal

Should you want to

No obligation

You aren’t alone

I am your witness

I hold space for you

In the silence of sound where

Broken words struggle to hold their ground

No lamentation or heartache

Should be glorified

Just seen

Because seeing is another way to be heard

Another way to be held

Another way to breathe --

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