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"Don't give up, let's soar together again."
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Published 8 years ago
My friend's soul I feel has been invaded.
Paranoia taking over, their vision shaded.

This person that I feel coming out right now.
Is a stranger to me, foreign, different, Wow!

Seeming to attack in disbelief, at every turn.
Truth not heard, bridges now trying to burn.

Fighting and arguing, not a healthy thing.
Words draw blood, with a venomous sting.

Pushed away, told I have lied, their pipe dream.
What makes them feel I am part of some scheme?

Personal integrity is all I have, lies I have never told.
My conscience is clear, a conspiracy, no I never sold.

I miss this friend, that grabbed my soul when we first met.
Who soiled their mind, this person I care for so deeply yet?

All I can hope, is they find the path out into the light.
I will be there waiting, welcoming back with delight.

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