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"Do the angels override apathy and help shape the course of human history?"
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"This free verse poem (it landed on that) was originally submitted for the Dirty Martini 420 Competition in 2018. The competition was in honour of a fallen comrade who contributed to this writing community. He had a unique style and writing signature, hence the prescriptive parameters for the contest. This piece placed third and earned an EP. I thought I should repost it."

This numerology thing is cool, but thematically unrelated, but I lead with it anyway. If you add the first twenty even numbers, starting with two and ending with forty, the sum of those twenty numbers equals four hundred and twenty. Go ahead. Try it. Or not.


If the Waldos knew that sparking up after school would have inspired an annual world-wide celebration of smoking weed at 4:20, which coincidentally occurs on the birthday of the world’s most infamous human being, Adolf Hitler, would they have met at a different time? Maybe. I don’t know. Just wondering.


If Hitler regularly smoked weed instead of taking the harder stuff that he was addicted to, would he have loved others more, as much as his one beloved German Shepherd, that he incidentally and intentionally fed cyanide, or would he still have seethed with vengeance, ambition, and hatred? Maybe. I don’t know. Just wondering.


Speaking of one love, would the world’s favorite reggae-playing, ganja-puffing Rastafarian, Bob Marley, have utilized his favorite electric, Gibson Les Paul guitar more or less, producing for his legion of fans more classic Marley music, knowing that his precious days were numbered by that demon cancer? Maybe. I don’t know. Just wondering.


If Bees could get stoned while pollinating cannabis, which sadly they cannot because cannabis doesn’t offer the neon sign qualities of olfactory attraction that other bee-pollinating flowers possess, nor do the bees possess the necessary neuroreceptors to receive the much sought after psychoactive buzz, but if they could, would bees share their buzz-worthy bee spit with the rest of us? Maybe. I don’t know. Just wondering.


If the Angel Number four-twenty is a blending of spiritual energies, which also acts as a reminder to maintain one's faith and trust in angels and the universe’s energies, and to live and serve one’s life’s potential to its fullest, are those that do remembered for the good and bad things they have done during their earthly lives, or just one or the other? Maybe. I don’t know.


If Alan hadn’t been taken so early, unlike Adolf but more like Bob, far too soon from his friends, fans, and loved ones, and given that he, like Bob, will be remembered for all of the good he brought to others, and given that he never met a literary contest he didn’t like, would Alan have approved of and entered a story or poem in a writing competition in his honour?

Hell yes!



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