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Geez, I Wonder Why

Snowmobiling for gullible dummies…

“You know the trails? You have GPS?” Done and done. On that fateful day, I broke one of my cardinal rules: Do Not Ride With Strangers. But we were new to the area. He wasn’t. He had GPS. We didn’t. Sure, just like everyone else, my iPhone had Google Maps....

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I Am Woman, Hear Me Rorschach

Perception is reality, unless it isn't, but it could be...

"If jumping to conclusions was an Olympic event, you’d take the gold.” "Seriously?" "Shut up!" an exasperated Maeve shot back. "Don't mock me. I'm not good at this." Kerri glared at her soon-to-be, in-a-long-line of ex-girlfriends, girlfriend, reading CHE...

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Trigger Happy

Escape is a mere missed calculation away.

She thought it but dared not speak. Marie leered at her daughter instead. She loved Tammi, but at that moment, Marie didn’t much care for her. Her child’s actions angered her. They embarrassed her. They reeked of weakness, failure, and regret. “Why, Biscu...