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Where did I go wrong?

Where did I go wrong?

I went to the moon tonight
And I remembered what you said
“When you see another’s face,
Think of mine instead.”

The sky was black and cold
I’m getting a little scared
All I wanted was a friend
All I wanted was to care

I held your hand real tight
And I couldn’t really breathe
I think I broke a rib or two
As the water inside me seethed.

I tried to stop the drugs today
My plan, it almost worked
But somebody bought me a joint again
And my conscience completely shirked.

I think I need another hit
It’s getting real hard to see
I can’t stop shaking from withdrawal
Please, can anybody help me?

I ran out of money yesterday
Something I’d never done
I had to buy another pack
I was only short a one.

I think the sky is turning orange
I’m not really sure
It’s kind of scary honestly
This pain I can’t endure.

My heart is beating really fast
It’s hurting me real bad
I can’t really think so good
I don’t know how much meth I’ve had

But something’s really clear for once
Even in this haze
I want another chance
Before it’s a total blaze.

I know I’ve fucked up everything
This I understand
I just need another chance
Another helping hand.

I’m in the streets of Paris now
The Eiffel to my right
No, wait, it’s the Taj Mahal
Gleaming in the morning light.

I thought I saw my mommy now
She just walked by
She shook her head and clucked her tongue
Throwing money where I lie.

I should probably comb my hair
I could get up pretty soon
I think it may be midnight
Or maybe afternoon.

The world is spinning pretty good
I’m just watching it go fast
My breaths are harder
I hope this won’t be my last.

I tried to go to China
But they wouldn’t let me in
So I tried to gamble
I just couldn’t win.

I remember taking algebra
A wee little lad
Has a few watermelons;
How many did he had?

My grammar’s gone to pot
I forgot how to spell
But I’ll have a dictionary
Once I’m in hell

I caught a glimpse in a mirror
I look like a caged rat
My pupils are distorted
I should put on a hat.

I think my tongue’s a snake
And my finger is a dog
My tummy might be a cockroach My leg definitely a hog.

Daddy if you read this
I’m sorry for what I did
I took your saw once
That is what I hid

Mommy please come closer
It’s really me
I know I look pretty crazy
But I’m sane, you see

Sissy if you hear me
Come to my front door
I live in Times Square
Against the benchless shore.

Brother here’s my finger
It might be useful I think
If you have to scare someone
Or just let it sink.

I’ve had some time to think now
Dying all alone
Where did I go wrong?
What’s the meaning of a phone?

Maybe I went wrong in high school
Fell in with the wrong crowd
I wouldn’t have done it
If the voices hadn’t been so loud.

They gave me stuff to try
It was all really good
They were my best friends
My brothers from the hood.

Damn it’s gotten quiet
I think that I just died
God please forgive me
Please don’t have me fried.

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