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"Relationship questions"
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Words.. so hard to say? if you don't use them.. do they go away?

Never said and left in doubt.. is this what love is all about?

The head and heart must always guess.. am I deaf? more or less..

The silence rings inside my head.. nothing said.. is the heart now dead?

Words.. so hard to say? you're not using them.. have you sent them away?

Are feelings lost.. has desire so faded? are others near? have I been traded?

Is your laughter now.. for others more dear? do your eyes hold tears.. for others I fear..

Am I so not.. the man you thought? have I lost my place? gone.. without a trace?

Words.. so hard to say? I don't hear them.. day after day..

Closing my eyes.. I try and I try.. is this goodbye? I sigh.. then I cry..

Inside I am aching.. my breath I keep taking.. as my heart keeps on breaking.. and my mind keeps forsaking..

All thoughts of us ended.. our love once so splendid.. our lives twined and blended..

Captured and held.. once safe and warm.. now cold and torn? all feelings shorn? I wish I was never born..

Words.. so hard to say? if you don't use them.. do they go away?

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