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You Thought I Was Not Good Enough!

"You Thought I was not good enough....."
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You Though I Was Not Good Enough!

With my full lips & Round Hips

You say I'm not good enough!

With my kinky locked sun-kissed free flowing hair & brown eyes that reflects your stare.

You say I'm not good enough!

With my darkened blackcherry vibrant wined skin as that which has been going through the press of time to become The Best of It's Kind

And you say I'm not good enough!

I am an Enterprise all of my own
I am educated through the tranquiles of life yet I emerge from the barricades dispatched to hinder my quest.

You say "I'm not good enough!

I was born before my existence. Calculated to be varnished with golden deep dark bronzed skin.

And you say "I'm not good enough"!

My plight has been your protection. Yet you hide from me in disgrace because of the bronzing of my skin, Society says I can't win.

You embrace the emptiness of an empty vase only to see the bronze sunkissed reflectionn is your own.

You despise the reflection you see only; because of your own emptiness beneath.

You run from exchange to exchange only to find that they are similar if not the same.

Don't be surprised when you realize the image you thought would change the reflection of you is grasping to accept the plague of you.

You say I'm not good enough!

You reach for higher status and applaud of light only to throwback the shadow of the darkened Queen who stood by your side.

You refuse to accept the eloquence of my beauty, the kinkyness of my hair. The fullness of lips and the roundness of my hips. You hide in shame as if I have nothing to gain.

You go to the market place with your new found light.
Only to find the market you shop Mine.

You continue along the isles of life only to realize the venture you grasped is mastered by my Mind.

You see I am the owner of what you seek.
Now the tables have been turned.


‪#‎ Not intended to be a long read. Just had a moment where I felt I needed to breathe....

Author Pamela Antoinette-Jordan Calloway

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