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Can't tell you enough

For DancingintheRain

  I will tell you that you are beautifulone thousand times,then a thousand times more.I will talk to your heart,then whisper to your soul.And when I finally see you and touch you,I will tell you that you are beautifulone thousand times,then a thousand tim...

Soul Unique

Soul unique and beautifully perfect

Everything society finds to be rational,is simply a revelation,or an interpretation of another's expressions,or beliefs. To be true to one's self,one has to look deep inside.Not hide real feelings and our way of life.By accepting the interpretations of ot...

You Thought I Was Not Good Enough!

You Thought I was not good enough.....

You Though I Was Not Good Enough! With my full lips & Round Hips You say I'm not good enough! With my kinky locked sun-kissed free flowing hair & brown eyes that reflects your stare. You say I'm not good enough! With my darkened blackcherry vibrant wined...

I love the early mornings Before the sun comes up To sit and watch the start of a day As the darkness starts to fade To see the first light Start to slowly come my way To hear the birds singing The welcome of a new day The sun slowly showing Over the moun...

She said nothing but gazed on And for a minute It was all we needed Feel this warm feeling of love Embrace my cold heart  And once again gave meaning  To my life  The way her dress hung  Oh so gentle off her buttocks  To the way her make up  Brightened up...

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Thinking of you

Thinking of my love Kay

Sitting around. Thinking of your beautiful legs, beautiful sexy eyes,  hot lips, and sexy smile Thinking when can I  touch your legs, look into your eyes kiss your lips,  and make your smile bigger. Just sitting around  lost in your thoughts

I wonder

I wonder

I wonder, Wonder how.  Wonder what.  Wonder why. I wonder,How did I get the hottest woman on earth? What made her fall for me?Why did the hottest woman pick me of all people? I wonder, How can she love me so much ? What does she see in me? Why does she do...

You are my

you are my love

You are my angel You are my queen You are my best friend You are my joy You are my pride You are my soul You are my heart beat You are my light You are the beautiful flower You are my baby girl You complete me you are the breath in my lungs the blood in m...

Beautiful Tragedy

cant have it all

I have searched for you, for 38 years, With my broken soul,  I've cried a million tears,  You're the best friend,  I've ever had,  Although I'm thankful,  It still makes me sad,  You are my soul-mate,  The girl of my dreams,  But fate has other plans,  At...

Call Me Beautiful

Inspired by a couple lines in Megan Nicole's B-e-a-utiful

I hear it all the time, the guys walking down the hall. All these vulgar sayings and words for the girls. We aren't called gorgeous or pretty or even cute. Half the sayings I won't even type, because it's insulting- granted, if I liked the guy, if we were...