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Queen of Ace

Hey guys! It's nice to meet you. My name is Cee and I am glad you came here to join me on this second imaginative ride. This book was a short story in my collection of short stories. Everyone, including my characters, persuaded me to turn it into a book and here it is. I am so excited to do this!


"Hey Mum, I am leaving for my interview and will see you in an hour. And don't forget that I love you!" Hamda said. She walked out the door on a bright and sunny Wednesday morning. Today felt like a good day, and she knew that something good would happen.



"Welcome to Black Bels Advertising, how may I help you?" A blonde woman sitting behind the desk asked me.

"Good morning, my name is Hamda Cale, and I am here for an interview," I replied. Looking around you could see how elegant and advanced the building looked. Black Bels Advertising is known for creating the best ads for companies, celebrities, and what have you. They are also known for extreme privacy, no one knows who the boss is, except his family, friends and a few colleagues. Don't ask me, but I read that in the papers, I keep wondering about how private he is.

" Hamda Cale, Mr Stephen will see you now, the blonde woman interrupted my thoughts.

"Which way, please?" I said, trying to pick up my files and handbag. I knew today was a good day, I will not mess up this interview.

"Go straight, the third door on your left, you won't miss it." She smiled at me.

"Thank you," I said as I smiled back. This is the fifth interview this week, and I do not want to mess it up. I knocked on the door with 'BOARDROOM' upon the door. Behind the door, you could hear lots of male voices talking like they were in a bar. I knocked again, dead silence.

"Come in," a husky, male voice said.

I walked right in and you could see all eyes were on me like I was a piece of meat, ready to be devoured. The conference table had five men on each side, with a handsome, strong and charming gentleman sitting at the head of the table. There wasn't much I could do but hope to God that I get this job.

"Please have a seat, Ms.—," he said, looking a bit lost.

" Hamda, Ms Hamda Cale," I replied with confidence.

" Hamda, I see you have three years of experience in the Marketing and Advertising field, you also have a BSC. in Marketing and MSc. in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. You have an impressive resume here, yet you are applying for the job of a Personal Assistant?" he said, looking at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes. He was a straight to business kind of guy.

"This was the job available and I would not want to sit at home being idle, watching telenovelas." I sounded angry but not at him. I was angry at myself for giving up. Angry that I made myself sit at home for months without a job all because of a mere heartbreak.

"I see. Gentlemen, what are your thoughts? Since we are having a board meeting we may as well decide on what to do with such a talent."

"I don't see anything we can do here, Stephen. She applied for the job of a PA let her get that if she's qualified, if not we have more pressing matters to attend to," said the old, grumpy and sad looking man. He had a bald head shining like the back of a tablespoon.

I coughed. "If I may add, I am more than qualified for the job of a PA and I deserve the job - this is more important. You wouldn't want a woman as talented as I am walking out that door." Me speaking to a bunch of wealthy men who may make or break my career. I would rather take the risk of promoting myself than walking out of here with no job.

"That's a good marketing skill we need here! You've got a job," he said with so much enthusiasm. He reached for his phone while whispering to the man standing behind him. "Ms Hamda, he will direct you to your office. We would love for you to start working with us immediately. As our new Manager for Media and Technology Department. Congratulations, you deserve it."

You could hear the gasps and surprises in the room. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity. Not knowing what to say, I knew today was a good day, but this was more than good.
It Was A Great Day!


"Hello, Ms Hamda, Mr Stephen would love to see you in his office," Liv said through the receiver.

"I will be right there," I replied. I had worked for just an hour and now he needed me. I knew this job wasn't real, he should get his act together and be decisive. As I walked down the hallway, I saw a group of people talking and whispering. It seems they were all talking about me because they just kept staring at me. This isn't the kind of attention I needed now in my life.

I was a 23-year-old beautiful young woman who wanted what was best for herself and her mother and I was just trying to get myself back. Unnecessary attention would not be a good thing for my career.

I went in the elevator, about to hit the button, then walked in another attractive, nicely suited gentleman. Did Black Bels Advertising have a shipload of gorgeous men? 'Hamda, you need to get your act together, you didn't come here to scout for men.' He looked a lot more familiar. When he got in, we both went for the same button. Then I saw his face.


"Hamda..." we said in unison. This couldn't be happening, I decided to start all over and I found myself in the same elevator with my ex.

"What a lovely surprise, the astonishing Hammie, stuck with Henry McAllister in an elevator. Who would have ever thought," he said looking at me with his usual evil smirk.

"You are not allowed to call me Hammie anymore, only loved ones call me that. And I do not consider you like one," I stated, with so much hate in my soul.

Henry, here is my ex. An ex I have not been able to get over. An ex who destroyed my life but still has a place in my heart. An ex whom I have tried to get over but never did. Now he's here, in the same building, the same elevator as me. What else could go wrong?

Ding! The elevator had stopped, bringing me back to reality. Henry was still there, standing beside me.

"I hope we can catch up, I've missed you and your ——," he whispered in my ear while reaching for my boobs, "lovely body." Then he walked out.

I was left in the elevator, looking lost and thoughtless. Then my brain snapped back, reminding me of meeting Mr Stephen. Figuring I had gone two floors above his, I finally made it to his floor, confused about which way to go.

"Excuse me, where is Mr Stephen's office?" I asked the red-haired girl who tried to get in the elevator.

"The third door, on your right," she said.


"You do not know this newbie from anywhere, no background check, nothing and you just create a new job without consulting with me first?" Henry shouted. I could hear him from the hallway. 'Hammie what have you gotten yourself into'. I go ahead and knock on the door.

"Come in!" Stephen responded. He didn't sound like the handsome and charming guy I met an hour ago.

"Oh great! Are you following me around Hammie?" Henry said with so much anger.

"I have no reason to follow an arrogant douche bag, I am here to speak with Stephen," I said, trying so much to hide my fear.

"Steph, you mean to tell me that Hamda here is the newbie we've been talking about?" Henry asked.

Stephen stood up from his seat behind his desk and came towards Henry. This is the first time I saw him standing, he is tall, sculpted and sexy. He has this aura of power and prowess lingering all over him.

"I know you guys had something Henry, I did my investigation. I have had enough of you and dad thinking you can do whatever you want and get away with it. It's time you both understand that I have a brain, and I can play your games."

"What the hell are you talking about Steph?" Henry asked, looking confused.

"Oh, it gets better. Yes, I created a new job position because she's not just the newbie Henry, she's my wife," he said with authority. It felt like he was protecting and defending me, my definition of a man.

I noticed his green eyes and blonde hair, and how the direction of the sun made him look dashing. The fact that his defensive personality made him the man of my dreams, compelled me to want to know more. His face didn't give me many answers to what he was about to say, just a blank surprise. I just gulped and blanked out for a second.

"Wait, I am your what?" I said snapping back to reality. It took me a second to realize that we all have just been standing to look at each other confused as to what was going on. His mouth began to move and time stopped in my head. Everything moved so slow, and my stomach fell to my feet.

"Stay out of this, Hamda," he said, putting his hands towards me. "You and dad have always said I am the only one in the family who hasn't settled down. Now I have. Get used to it," Stephen shot back at Henry.

"You can settle down, but not with her. I used to date her and I bet you she's not gotten over me!" Henry added.

"You're married, you have to get over her," Stephen argued.

Henry really thought he would win this time. "Henry McAllister, I have gotten over you. Stephen here is my fiancé, and we are getting married in a week. The earlier you get used to seeing me as your sister-in-law the better for you," I told Henry what he needed to hear. "If that will be all Steph, I've got work to do," I said leaning in to give him a kiss.

What have I gotten myself into, I finally got over my ex, and I am now his brother's fiance...




Thanks, guys for taking the time to read! Hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to leave your critique. If you want this story to go further let me know -

Cee is here to serve you!




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