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A Gilded Cage

Can a bird still fly in a gilded cage?

‘We approach each other,
I gaze in your face,
I find your lips tender,
as we kiss in a daze.

Again and again we kiss,
with each more yearning then before,
Then, I awaken,
I am alone, yet not so alone as before.’

“There is Cayo Lobos, just up ahead.” Brian’s voice squawked in my headset. I closed my tablet where I had been writing and looked ahead. I could see the small island with sandy beaches lined with majestic palms, there were several large buildings surrounded with a wide assortment of trees. The islands had two channels, one facing the stiff Caribbean breeze and another on the west side that circled into the island.

Brian had picked me up in San Juan flying the owner’s helicopter. The water maker had broken and with a large party planned for the weekend, they were anxious for water. Brian had flown low over the coast, proud of the views of the beautiful beach along the Puerto Rican coast. We had reached the east end of the coast and continued out to sea for a few miles until seeing Cayo Lobos. As Brian settled the helicopter down, I noticed an ATV with someone waiting.

Recognizing Edward I climbed out to greet him as the blades slowly wound down.

“Greg,” he shook my hand warmly, “So glad you could come down on such short notice, but it is an emergency.”

“Edward, I’m glad to be here, and I did bring a present for you.” He eyed me closely, but before he could guess, I continued, “Swing, Johnny Walker Swing.”

“Ah ha! Tonight we will share it, a good Scotch is meant to be shared with friends.” And he clapped me on the back.

Brian poked his head out the chopper and announced he had to leave to pick up the owners, so we grabbed my bags and tossed them into the ATV and headed back to the buildings.

I nudged Edward, “Can you take me directly to the water maker, I want to get right to work.”

Edward smiled as he veered the ATV over to head toward the small building that housed the water maker. Once there, I grabbed my tools while Edward took my bags and left in the ATV.

The pump seals were shot, so I spent several hours dismantling the unit and carefully rebuilding it. While rebuilding the pump, I did hear the helicopter return and realized that with the owners on island, water would now be a top priority.

In the late afternoon I was able to restart the unit, and the pump was again delivering full pressure and flow. Although still having concerns about several other items on the unit, I felt they could wait until the water tanks had some reserve. After several minutes I was able to restart the distribution pumps and watched the pressure slowly climb as they fed crystal clear water throughout the island.

The afternoon sun was warm, so I pulled my shirt off and grabbed a bar of soap from the outside sink to wash up. I hadn’t really gotten dirty, but it was enjoyable feeling the relief the cool water provided as I splashed it against my chest.

“The water is fixed?” such a soft voice.

Looking up, a young lady was staring at me.

“Um, yes, it is, up and running.” She looked down somewhat nervously.

“I’m Gregory, I flew in to take care of the water maker.”

Her hazel eyes returned to mine, and I noticed a sprinkle of freckles across her nose, her tongue moistened her full lips and she at last responded, “I’m Reina.”

“Hello Reina, nice to meet you.” Her eyes clouded over and seemed greener as she looked over my shoulder toward the main house.

“I need to go,” she said suddenly, then as she walked by me she looked back into my eyes. “Gregory, thank you for the water…”

I spun to face her departing back, “Reina, you are most welcome.” She paused, but then deciding different, continued toward the house. I admired the view; she was medium height, wearing a form fitting dress that showed off her trim body and long legs. I could see a firm butt, “las nalgas de la luna” or cheeks of the moon, and wished I could explore her further.

“Hey, Greg, what you doing?”

Edward had come up behind, thus he and could easily see what I was thinking about.

I smiled up at him, “Edward, I am just admiring the beautiful island.”

“Yes, it is a beautiful view, but it belongs to the owner. So you best not enjoy it too much.” Seeing he was serious, I chose to change the subject; apparently the owner’s daughter was off limits.

“Well, the water is up, but you still have several problems to address.” Detailing what else should be done; he insisted I stay several days, just to insure there would be water throughout the owner’s trip.

“It sounds fine to me, where can I sleep?” I was always anxious to stay on this beautiful island.

“Well, the main house is full, or will be tomorrow, so why don’t you stay at the cabin? We just finished restoring it and it has the best beach view? In fact, I already put your bags in it.”

“Sounds perfect to me, now what about that Swing?”

“Let’s go and introduce ourselves to Mr. Johnny Swing.” Edward laughed.

We both jumped in the ATV and a minute later pulled up to the cabin. It was on the east side of the island and perfectly located to enjoy the Caribbean beach. Here were pine trees, which rustled in the afternoon breeze. In front was a porch with a view up and down the empty beach, yet the cabin was recessed from the beach just enough to afford a bit of privacy.

Entering the cabin and seeing my bags, I quickly found the bottle nestled in my clothing. Edward had grabbed two sipping glasses and filled a small bucket with ice.

Once settled comfortable on the porch, Edward opened the Scotch and poured several fingers over the ice of each glass. We each picked up a glass and clicked them together with “Here’s to Johnny” and laughed.

I swirled the scotch in the glass, savored its aroma and took a small sip, rolled the mellow scotch over my tongue to relish the sensation, followed with a warm swallow.

“Edward, you are right, this Scotch is really something special.” He had recommended it previously so I had promised I would bring a bottle next trip.

We enjoyed conversation as friends often do, it had been two years since I last visited this paradise, yet, as Island manager, Edward was free to come as often as he wished. I reminded him that I really should come more often, if not for the water maker, then for my spirit. He just smiled and relished his own contentment.

We finished the Scotch, where upon Edward said we could have dinner at the main house. The owners would be at the main table but we could enjoy the bar area with fresh seafood. He insisted I keep the bottle there in the cabin, but that we must finish it before my departure.

After he departed, I continued to enjoy the evening and the last of my drink, while I opened my tablet and read over the last stanza of a poem I had been writing. In my spare time, I wrote stories and some poetry. Traveling as I did, little time was left for a love life, which pushed me to write, if only to keep in touch with my heart.

I happened to look up, when I saw Reina, alone, down on the beach. She stood staring at the ocean; the nearest island was ten miles out and beyond that was only deep blue ocean. For several minutes she stared, as if trying to make a decision, then she suddenly pulled her dress over her head.

Now only in the tiniest of panties she strode into the waves; without pause, just walking purposely into the water. As it came up to her tummy, she dove in, and started swimming. She was headed straight out to sea. She did not seem to be a confident swimmer and I could see she was nearly floundering already. I knew there would be currents once at the reef and she was nearly there already.

I had already stood up, to see her better, and now my contemplation became concern. I peeled off my t-shirt as I ran toward the beach. I kicked off my boat shoes and had peeled off my jeans as I hit the surf. I could see she was seriously floundering and yet she still tried to swim further out.

I dove in the water and swam; I had spent a lifetime on the ocean and I knew it would still take a minute to swim out to her. If she was fine, then once I caught up with her, OK, I would just admire the view; but I was afraid she might be in serious trouble.

I looked ahead, and did not see her; redoubling my efforts it was still too many seconds later when I arrived at where I had last seen her. But she was to be seen. I quickly scanned the horizon and as I did, she surfaced, her arms thrashing. A moment later, I was there behind her, wrapped my arm around her neck and across her chest.

She struggled, but I had learned years ago that a person drowning would often struggle against the grip of a lifeguard; and thus I held her tightly as I started my breaststroke, to return us both to shallow water. She continued struggling until I reached shallower water, and then suddenly relaxed.

I released my grip but held her arm, turning her toward me. I could just touch the bottom, so I could still keep both of us above water. Looking at her, I realized she was crying, tears running from her deep green eyes.

“Why?” she cried, “Why did you stop me?” With her free arm, she struck me. Too stunned to react, I could only stare at this beautiful woman flail at me in the water. She again raised her arm, and as she struck at me, I caught it. I pulled her arm down, and pressed it behind her back. In doing so, her body was crushed against my chest, her naked breast heaving still, her nipples hardened from the cool ocean water.

“Stop you?” I finally answered, “You were drowning!”

“And who gave you the right?” her eyes were angry, and although pinned to my body nearly naked, her spirit still shown. God, what a woman, but was she actually trying to end it, here?

“You were trying to drown?” I glared at her.

Defiantly she glared again in my eyes. “You just don’t have the right!” She then stopped resisting, her eyes again shown green, and she softly said, “…you should have left me.”

Again tears spilled, and I released her arm. Wrapping my arms around her body I pulled her still closer, her head collapsing against my shoulder. Her arms lay at her side, and I could feel her chest racking with sobs as I held her against me.

The waves had pushed us closer to the beach and I now had firm footing, so I eased my arms on her. Reina had stopped crying and now only stood still, her head still on my shoulder, as I supported her.

“Why?” I asked softly, “Why?”

“You could never understand, you are…” and with that she looked up, and gazed into my eyes. She saw something, in my eyes and she studied me, looking deep into me. I felt she could see into my soul, feel the torment I had felt in my life. I did not understand then what she saw, but she softened.

Suddenly, she pushed me away, putting her arms over her beasts. “Do give me some privacy, or do you only rescue naked women?” She half smiled, as though this were a normal occurrence and walked out to the water to her dress. I could only look at her beautiful back as she walked the few feet to her clothing. She bent over and I again relished that exquisite butt, all too visible with her now transparent panties.

As she straightened up, she pulled her dress over her body and finally turned back to me and smiled, “Are you coming, or do you plan to spend the night there?”

“I’m coming.” I answered, still confused and followed her, pulling on my jeans as I walked. She led a path directly to my cabin and marched right up to where the bottle of Scotch still stood. She opened it and poured a bit in my glass then turned back to appraise me as I caught up.

She took a small sip and smiled at me, her eyes now hazel. Then she noticed my tablet and picked it up, reading my last words…aloud.

"And where you go,

is there still sun?

Then let the sun warm your skin,

know that I share the same sun,

and would kiss each freckle upon your skin.

And as the sun rises,

I will share it with you,

feeling the same warmth,

and I will welcome it with you.

Is there not night?

Then gaze at the moon,

and know that I see it as you.

For it is our moon and it lights our love.

And with the night,

you will sleep,

and perhaps in your sleep

you might dream.

For in your dreams;

you will dream of me.

You will feel my kisses,

upon your lips,

and my hands, upon your breasts.

And perhaps in your dreams,

your soul will find your north,

and your fingers will find your south,

and you will feel me inside you, filling you.

And you might taste your sweet nectar and know I yearn to taste it as well.”

I felt embarrassed, she was reading my words and yet still I stood in front of her, mute. Finishing my poem, at long last she looked up, again gazing into my eyes.

And very softly she spoke, “You write? These are your words?”

“Yes, I write some, I’m not an author but I do try to jot down my thoughts and a few tidbits.”

Then she walked closer to me, only inches from my face, and paused, still looking into my eyes. She took a sip of the Scotch and handed the glass to me. Then without another word, she kissed me softly on my lips, turned and strode toward the main building.

I watched her depart, pondered the events of the last few minutes and finally returned to my lounge. Taking a final sip, I looked over and realized my tablet was gone.

“Well, I will see her at dinner… Hmmm, the owner’s daughter?”


After showering the salt off, I pulled on a comfortable pair of slacks, and a soft button down shirt. I didn’t bother with socks and just slipped my feet in deck shoes, the island norm. I walked up to the main house and entered thru the kitchen door. Stirring a delicious smelling pot was a plump older woman; I crept up behind her and gave her a hug, “Cookie, I missed ya’ dear.” then kissed on her neck.

“Mr. Greg, is that you?” She spun and grabbed me in a bear hug. “I heard you were coming down, it’s so sweet to see my favorite man again. I hope you are hungry because I have some real delicious fish to grill and I know you love good fish.”

“Cookie, I would kidnap you away in a heartbeat, just to have your kitchen magic around me each day.”

“Oh, and if I did, you would be talking me out of my clothes next.” She smiled at me and gave me a little punch in my gut. “Now, you go out to the bar, Mr. Edward is already there, you have a nice cold drink while I finish this up.”

Then she pulled me closer and whispered, “The owners here, so do behave yourself.”

“Oh, I am always a gentleman,” and smiled. “But his daughter did borrow my book, and I would like it back.”

“Mr. Greg, the owners don’t have no daughter…” and she looked at me quite strange.

“But then who is Reina?”

Cookie paused, then drew me even closer, “That be the owner’s wife, but she don’t talk with us none… she just sits next to Mr. Victor…” and her voice dropped even lower, “Like a stature, oh, she talk, but it’s like she isn’t even there, like she is just reading some lines that she don’t like.”

Puzzled, I turned and walked out to the bar area, there was soft music playing from somewhere, it did remind me of elevator music. Edward was already there and sipping an iced tea. Beyond him I could see Reina sitting with a stern looking middle-aged man, he was wearing a blazer with an open collar shirt. Reina had put on a somewhat formal dress, which was quite revealing, yet kept her eyes on her plate. Neither of them spoke, and they seemed to be eating a small dessert.

I slid on a barstool next to Edward, smiling hesitantly; he looked over, “Hello Gregory, Tea or soda?”

“Tea, no sugar.” I could scarcely believe this quiet man was the same Edward I had shared Scotch with only an hour before.

He walked around the polished wood bar and poured me the tea, added a quarter of lime and put it in front of me. The entire subdued mood was in stark contrast to what I usually found here, but this was the first time I had seen the owners here.

I heard a clinking of glass, and realized that Victor was clinking his spoon against the water glass. A moment later Cookie came skittering out and removed their desert dishes. I could see Reina was still eating hers, but as Cookie removed her dish, she looked up at me. I did see a moment of life in her eyes, but she checked herself and looked down at the table.

A few moments later, Victor stood up, and pulled Reina’s chair out. He then turned and walked toward the stairs, Reina one step behind. I noticed Edward’s view remained on the mirror above the bar. As they turned at the landing, Reina was still one step behind, and she was facing me. For an instant, she looked at me… smiled and disappeared up the stairs.

“Did she smile at you?” Edward hissed.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” I was confused, why was Edward upset?

“I saw her, in the mirror, she smiled at you.” He no longer hissed, but I could see he was still concerned.

“Relax, Edward, she stopped by the cabin and borrowed a book.”

“Is that all?”

“Yes, she just borrowed a book, nothing happened. Why are you so worked up?”

I could see Edward visibly relax, “Oh, nothing to worry you about, you will be gone in a few days anyway. How about something stronger to drink?”

He walked over to the cooler and pulled out a couple of cold beers and sat them on the bar. I opened one and thought about Reina, I was sure she had been really trying to drown herself and now everything was normal? And why did I keep it a secret?

After finishing Cookies fantastic fish, I feigned tiredness, yawned and headed back to my cabin. Looking up to the big building, I could see several lights on, one was the owner’s private study and the other had dim lights in the bedroom. In the corner of the balcony, I saw Reina, and she was reading from my tablet.

She was in her nightgown, and although I’m not a voyeur, I did want to watch her. I softly walked closer until I was as near as I dare. There was a small amount of light coming from the room and she held my tablet in that beam of light, reading it. The light also playing upon her features and thus I stood, gazing at her face, as she read my words.

At times her full lips moved, repeating my words silently. They were my words, so I could recognize them even without hearing her voice.

‘We’ve met, though we haven't touched;

I feel your passion, but not your taste.

You are aware; your words excite me,

Separated still, your body chaste.’

I stood there, mesmerized. Nearly an hour had passed, yet she still read. I felt held captive by her, not by her beauty, as great as it was; but held by her emotion, expressed in her eyes and her lips as she read my words.

At long last, she closed my tablet, and clutching it to her breast, entered the bedroom. She slid my tablet beneath her pillow and lay upon the bed. I could watch no longer, I turned and walked to my cabin.

But, I did not stop at the cabin; I walked on to the beach and gazed at the night sky. The moon had risen and the stars as well. And as I looked at the stars, I thought of her freckles and her eyes, sometimes hazel, sometimes green. I looked at the moon, and I thought of her body, as she walked back to her clothes. And I smelled the ocean, and I wanted her kiss.


I lay on the silken sheets, the moonlight caressing me. Still alone, as Victor was still in the study, and he would be there still longer. He never spoke of why he was there so much, and kept the door locked always. Once I wondered why he spent so much time there, late at night, but now I no longer cared. When he did join me in bed, it was only to sleep, and those moments he did touch me, it did cause me fear.

After these years together, I still feared him. He had never struck me, indeed never hurt me, but nor had he shown me love, or passion. He seemed empty of all emotions. But once, I had defied him, and his eyes had changed. They had blazed with such an intensity of raw seething rage, of a madman bent on murderous dismemberment; that I fled, hiding under the bed for hours and did not come out until finally I heard his car leave. Later when he returned, it was as though it had never happened; he was again emotionless.

I could not leave him, for it would mean a death sentence. He would surely stalk me until I was most vulnerable and strike. He had never said that, but I knew Victor, so I had no doubt. It would happen. He had done it to others.

A few hours ago it had seemed so simple, swim until I could no longer swim; then let the ocean take me. I would be free, free of Victor and free of fear. But that man… that mechanic… had ruined it. Just as I was slipping under water he had grabbed me, I had tried to fight him, but he had simply pulled me toward the shore.

I had looked in his eyes and he did seem concerned, the realization of what I had tried to do at last struck me. I cried, and instead of ignoring me, he held me. Nothing more, he just held me. No one had held me for so long, my father would hold me like that when I was a child and I would feel safe. I felt safe now.

Finally, I had stopped crying and I again looked in his eyes, and instead of anger, I saw compassion; instead of indifference, I saw empathy; and instead of hatred, I saw pain and sadness. I was a stranger, yet he cared.

I realized I was really quite naked I front of this man, yet he had only held me, he had only cared for me. But now, I blushed and needed to cover myself. He followed me, as I put on my dress and walked up to the cabin. I saw the Scotch there and poured a bit in a glass to warm me. He had walked only to the steps and stood there, quietly watching me.

His gaze warmed me, and yet I again felt naked, exposed. I looked down and saw his open book. Picking it up, I realized it was his handwriting and read the first few words; “And where you go, is there still sun?” He did not stop me.

“Then let the sun warm your skin, know that I share the same sun, and would kiss each freckle upon your skin.”

I could not stop reading it; his words poured into my soul, found my heart and caressed it. I continued reading it until I finished his verse; but his book was full, he had written much, and I wanted to read it all.

I walked up to him, and after another warm sip handed him the glass. He did seem anxious, and I was afraid if I asked, he would not let me read more. So I suddenly kissed him, and quickly turned toward the house, his book clasped to my breast.

I had read some of his book; he had penned stories and poems of love, of desire and pain. Each word seemed to grow from his passion. I read, but the night grew late, yet I still wanted only to read more. His heart poured out with each word he had written, his passion all too evident and his lust unchained. I had never read words like these; they touched my naked essence. I had hid his book under my pillow, and even now could see his neat handwriting dancing in my head. And so I wondered of this man, Gregory… was he my savior? And so I pondered his words, still fresh in my mind, till at last I fell asleep.


I was awoken by the sound of a helicopter; it must be Brian bringing more guests to the island. Climbing out of bed I started a pot of coffee in the small kitchen. Reassured by the flow of water, I jumped in for a quick shower. Images of Reina crept into my mind as I lathered up, but the cold water kept them at bay.

Pulling on a pair of shorts and t-shirt, I poured a cup of coffee and walked outside. The sun was just peeking over the horizon, and the aroma of the coffee made a perfect complement to the briny smell of the clear ocean. Nearby was a seagrape bush, as large as a tree, and I picked several deep purple grapes and savored the sweet-sour taste.

Looking up, I saw Reina. She stood motionless under a palm tree near the main house. She was looking toward me and had my tablet again clutched against her breasts. I waved, and although she did not acknowledge me, she continued to stare at me. She took a step toward me…

“Reina!” It was a man’s voice, not loud, but sounding stern, I could not see where the voice came from, but Reina immediately turned and walked toward the house.

For several minutes I stood watching where Reina had disappeared inside, pondering her relationship, and why she had tried to drown herself yesterday. I was afraid she might try again, and although I hesitated telling anyone, I could not let her hurt herself. Somehow I must try to prevent that.

After checking the water supply, I met Edward at the main house for breakfast, Cookie was in the kitchen, but we sat alone at the bar. We discussed the water supply and decided the tank was still to low to do any maintenance on the water maker so I would have a paid holiday, if only for the day. Several other guests sat at the main table enjoying breakfast.

After a few minutes, Victor and Reina came down the stairs, they greeted the new arrivals and Victor sat at the head of the table, with Reina beside him. As she picked up her juice, it spilt on her dress. Victor glared but said nothing; Reina excused herself, and came toward the kitchen. As she passed us, she paused by Edward.

“Edward, you have a friend here?”

“Ms. Reina, this is Gregory, he is here to insure you have water for your guest.” Edward was visibly uncomfortable, but did not loose his composure.

Reina turned toward me and extended her hand. “Gregory? Thank you for your assistance.”

I was puzzled as I shook her soft hand; I then realized that she had passed me a small piece of paper hidden in her fingers. “Thank you, Reina, I am glad to be of assistance.” She then continued into the kitchen, and I was able to pocket the note.

Edward looked at me strangely, but did not say anything. A moment later Reina returned to the table, and joined the rest of the guest without a look toward me.

After we finished our breakfast Edward and I walked out thru the kitchen, refilled our coffee cups and walked out into the morning sun. Once out of earshot, he put his hand on my shoulder.

“Greg, what is going on?”

“What are you talking about?” I feigned ignorance.

“Reina already knew you, in fact you told me you had loaned her a book, and now she pretends she had not seen you before. What’s going on?”

“Look, maybe she doesn’t want anyone to know she borrowed my book, I don’t know. Perhaps you should ask her.” I looked in his eyes and after several seconds he finally softened.

“Okay, but you need to keep away from her, she may be beautiful but that would be a dangerous game to play. You read me, Kemo Sabe? And it would be better if you kept to the cabin beach just to keep away from the guest.”

“No problem there.”

I knew I should have told Edward about yesterday, but I didn’t. It was too private, and realized Edward would be helpless to do anything, so telling him would only put his future at risk and I couldn’t do that.

I headed back to the cabin, grabbed a dive mask, notebook, and towel then walked down to the beach.

Once at the beach, I sat and enjoyed the beauty of the sea, the scent of the ocean, and the sand between my toes. I opened Reina’s note and read it.

Hello Gregory, Please allow me to still read your book, I will return it shortly, your words are very magical to me. Reina

My senses aroused, I picked up my notebook and wrote. I rarely plan what to write, I prefer to let the words flow from my heart and my soul.

I wrote of yesterday, of the pain I saw in Reina’s eyes and yet the strength she showed as she walked up the beach. I wrote of the look she gave me as she picked up my tablet and read my words, and even more how she read my words last night. We had spoken so few words, yet I felt as if I knew her.

She could be bent, but she fought breaking; she could be strong, but she still had tears; and she found such pleasure in my words. I could see her face, her eyes ocean green as tears ran down her cheeks over that sprinkle of freckles, and I could see her eyes change to hazel as she read mt words. I wanted only to know her more. I wrote more.

The sun was now at its peek, and wanting to escape the heat, I pulled off my shirt, and dropped my shorts. I hadn’t bothered to put on boxers, they would have only made me sweat more, and the beach had been empty all day so I walked out into the surf and started swimming. I swam toward the reef and enjoyed the view below; thousands of small colorful fish swam near the coral reef darting in and out as a choreographed dance movement. Taking a deep breath I dove down to join them.

As I swam with them I saw the antenna of a spiny lobster beneath a crevice, and hoped to grab it for dinner. The trick with these lobsters is grabbing them near their head and pull. If you push, the spines on their antenna will surely puncture your skin. I was just above him, and yet he could not see me.

I made my grab, but as I did I realized his cave was shared with a moray eel. Forgetting the lobster, I withdrew my arm as quickly as possible, scrapping it against the razor sharp coral. Immediately, my blood stained the water.

I swam for the surface, and started the swim back to shore. Blood was sure to attract predators and I didn’t want to be in the water when they arrived. As I approached the shore I looked beside me and saw a large grey shark approaching. I dove down to eliminate any splashing and continued toward shore. Glancing back, the shark was starting to move in even closer and I turned to face him.

He made a quick race toward me then veered at the last moment to circle again. I kept swimming toward shore and at last saw the sand bank. Finally I surfaced and was able to walk toward the shore, the shark fin now surfaced ten meters behind and a few moments later, I was able to be on dry sand.

At last I was able to look at my arm, blood was streaming down, but it did not look deep, just a nasty abrasion. I would need to clean it to prevent infection, and even though I didn’t get the lobster, I felt fortunate.

“You’re hurt!” I looked up and Reina was hastening toward me. I wasn’t in any real pain but neither was I dressed. I put my hands over my groin just as she reached me. Instead of giving me privacy she pulled my bleeding arm up, leaving me only one hand to cover myself.

“It isn’t as bad as it seems.” I looked back and saw the shark fin still slicing the water. “But it could have been much worse”

Reina followed my gaze, “You’ve been bit by a shark?” and started searching my body for more wounds.

“No, it’s just a coral cut, but our friend out there had other ideas.” I could see the relief in her eyes.

“Gregory, we need to take care of it.” She started pulling my arm toward the cabin.

I started to follow her, then stopped, “Reina, I really need my clothes.”

She looked back at me, and smiled. “It’s a little late for that, I’ve already seen you.”

“Reina, it is more than that.” And I led her to my small pile.

“Let me pick it up, you’ll just get blood over everything.” I saw her pause as she saw my notebook.

With my items under one arm she now led me to the cabin.

“We don’t want blood everywhere. Now stand there while I get the first aid kit.” She said as she walked inside.

She returned a moment later with the kit; I had gone to the small outside sink and was rinsing the wound.

“Here, let me see it.” She held my arm and examined it closely, then poured antiseptic over it. She then took some gauze and scrubbed it softly removing any traces of coral. Again she rinsed it, and finally applied some ointment, gauze and tape.

“Thank you, Reina. May I now, please, have a towel?” I had been standing the entire time with only my one hand covering my groin.

“Oh, silly man, here.” She smiled and reached over to the railing and handed me a towel.

I took the towel and as she watched, dropped any further pretenses, and wrapped it around my waist.

My modesty restored, I walked up to the porch with Reina beside me. Taking my shorts, I looked at Reina. “Give me a moment.”

Stepped inside, I dropped the towel and quickly pulled on my shorts, then walked back out to find Reina looking over my last words.

“You wrote this about me?” her hazel eyes searched me.

“Reina, I told you, I write, every chance I have, and since I arrived, you seem to have given me something to write about.”

“You were watching me last night on the balcony?”

I nodded in mute agreement.

She read from my last page.

“Tell me...
What you would do to me,
how you would hold me,
how you would kiss me,
and how you would touch me.

Tell me...
What I should do to you,
how I should hold you,
how I should kiss you,
and how I should touch you.”

She looked up at me, her eyes a mixture of awe and longing. Then she continued reading…

“Arouse me...
Where do you moisten?
How do you taste?
How do you feel?
And how I excite you?

And I will...
Hold you in my dreams,
Dream of your passion,
Dream of your lust,
and find release in your words.

Tell me...”

She looked at me, her hazel eyes glistening and I could only look back. She seemed unsure as if questioning herself; then as if she found her answer, she smiled.

“I will tell you… Later.” And with that she sat my pad down, turned and walked, going down the steps, turned toward the house and soon disappearing from view.

I stayed on the porch, seeing the ocean, hearing the breeze through the trees, and smelling the salt air. But my mind was elsewhere, I thought only about Reina, her fragile heart, her tender passion, and her unanswered love.

For hours I sat, my thoughts engulfing me. At long last, my reverie released me, the sun had set, and the cool evening breeze revived me. I showered, taking care with the bandage, put on fresh slacks and shirt and made my way up to the main house.

“Evening Cookie.” I mustered as I entered the kitchen.

“Mr. Greg, I’ been waiting for you.” She came close as if to give me a hug then whispered, “Ms. Reina asks me to give you this. I don’t read it, it’ be none of my business, but she sure looked different.” Cookie gave me a folded slip of paper, no markings on the outside, and I slipped it into my pocket.

“Thank you, Cookie”

“You be careful, that be a dangerous man in there, I don’t want you getting hurt, or worse.”

Edward was again already seated at the bar, and the dinning table was full. It was all couples, with all the men middle aged and the women all young and beautiful. Victor was again at the head of the table with Reina seated beside him.

“What happened to your arm?” Edward asked as he noticed my bandage.

“Oh, just a coral scrape, this time the lobster won.” I smiled.

“Well you know the coral bites, so I am sure you cleaned it, didn’t you?”

“It’s well cleaned, no problem.” I smiled again at Edward and he when back to his dinner.

“Here is your dinner, Mr. Greg, I hope you like it.” Cookie said as she slid a large platter of grilled snapper, baked potato and asparagus in front of me.

“That does look delicious.” I looked up only to see a worried expression on Cookie’s face. Edward seemed to notice as well.

“Cookie, Greg let the coral bite him but he cleaned it out so it should heal fast.” Edward volunteered, and Cookie recovered herself, smiled and looked back at Edward.

“Well, he be a’ grown man, so he best know what’s best for him…” I well understood Cookies double meaning but only nodded my head.

I was anxious to read Reina’s note so I ate quickly and excused myself.

I returned to the cabin, changed into shorts and walked onto the porch with a small sip of Scotch. I unfolded the note and read…

You ask me what I would to you, what more can I desire that to hear those words... I see you looking at the ocean from the shore, at first sight my hands start to tremble...your tall sun kissed body is so inviting...

I walk a bit closer as my heart beats faster… I now gaze at your shirtless chest...

I bite my lower lip just a little to distract the fire that is rising from within…

I have to get closer; with each step my nipples get much harder as if in awe of such a delicious so near, I take a deep breath, only to inhale a scent so distinct that triggers my honey to start flowing...

My passion grows as I am steps away from you… I cannot stop now, I have come too far...As I reach out to touch your back, my mind full of images that you soon will also see, I touch your shoulders, not knowing what to expect…you show no resistance to my hands, as I slowly lower your body to the sand.

Now face to face I start to kiss you softly on the lips, your taste is sweet, your tongue even kisses cover your chest, now stronger than before…you lay so still, letting me do these things to you...

I nibble on your neck and trace a line with my tongue that makes you moan, your body now hot to my touch...the line now goes around your nipples, teasing as I lick, each one a morsel of delight...

I paused, savoring her words.

I sat staring at the note, stunned and yet completely aroused. No woman had ever excited me as such; using only words she had found my center. Sitting in the light of the cabin, I felt exposed, as if the whole world could see the thoughts racing through my head.

I walked down to the beach, the note still in my hand. At the water's edge, I sat and looked across the ocean and up to the sky. The moon was rising and I thought of Reina’s curves, her sweet full lips and firm breasts. Holding her note, the moonlight allowed me to read her answer again. I closed my eyes and imagine her, walking up behind me, the moist sand softly crunching beneath her feet. She has discarded all clothing and the moonlight graces her curves with an artist vision.

I imagine her kneeling behind me, looking at my broad shoulders. Yet she still pauses, or does she simply choose to savor the moment. I picture her hand reaching for my shoulder, warm and inviting, soft and caressing. Her fingertips pull me, and I lie down on the sand, still warm from the heat of the day. And then she kisses me.

I feel her kiss me… I open my eyes, and Reina is above me.

"I answer you now..." she softly coos.

I return her kiss, neither shocked nor surprised. Her tongue tastes me, and I savor her taste as well. She nibbles on my neck and I give myself to her words. I do not hasten her, for I know where her story leads and I will pleasure her as well.


The sound of the helicopter awakens me; it is before dawn, the horizon a faint pink. Reina is gone, we had fallen asleep in each other's arms, and now she is gone.

I grab my shorts, and walk up to the cabin. There is no sign of her. Walking toward the main house, I hear the helicopter starting up again. Starting to run, it is just ahead of me, the blades slowly increasing in speed as the powerful turbine gains momentum.

I am now just outside the landing zone, and can see the occupants. Victor is in front with the pilot; Reina is in back. She looks over to me, even in the distance I can see she is crying. I am running toward the helicopter, perhaps I can open the door and take Reina in my arms.

Victor looks over and sees me, then turns towards the pilot and jerks his thumb up. Victor takes the copilot controls in his hand as it starts to move. It starts to lift off; I see tears running down Reina’s cheeks. I am only a few feet away, but it is a few feet too far. The helicopter suddenly rotates and the tail rotor is coming toward me.

Reina’s mouth opens to scream as she sees what is happening. Diving to the ground, the blade passes just over my back. Still rotating around, the rotor strikes the ground, sparks flying and shards of metal fly from the tail. Although damaged the helicopter continues to climb but is heading toward the communications antenna.

It lurches, then as it strikes the antenna, it explodes.


“Greg? Greg?” Edwards voice sinks through my consciousness. My head aches, and the sunlight is burning my eyes.

“Reina?” I am trying to focus, trying to clear my head. I reach up, and find a cloth over my head.

“Greg, can you hear me?” Looking up, I can see Edward kneeling above me.

“What happened?” I try to sit up, but my vision swims. Edward’s arm is around my shoulder, easing me up.

“You don’t remember? The helicopter hit the main antenna. It exploded. Your head was hit.”

“And Reina?” Looking into Edward’s eyes, all I see is despair. Turning my head, I can see the charred remains of the helicopter, smoke still rising from it.

Finally, I am able to stand, my head still throbbing I survey the site. There is no rescue vehicle, no fire truck and no ambulance; we are miles from the mainland on a private island. There is nothing recognizable left.

Edward cleans the wound on my head, and applies a bandage. It isn’t bad but has left a nasty bump. Later, I find my way into the kitchen, Cookie is crying softly. She hears me and turning comes to hug me. “Mr. Greg, it is so sad. Ms. Reina was good lady, she deserve’ to find happiness. I saw her before she left, and she gave me a big hug.”

I couldn’t find any expression left in my soul, so I turned to leave.

“Mr. Greg, before she…” Cookie paused; I could hear her sob.

I turned back to Cookie and gave her a hug.

“She gave me something for you. She say, ‘Cookie, please give this to Gregory’, oh, Mr. Greg, she call’ you Gregory, nobody calls you Gregory.”

“What did she give you?” I am still in shock and don’t understand.

“She gave me this.” Cookie opens the cabinet and hands me my tablet. “She say to give this to you, that you teach her to fly, but no one got’ the key for the cage.”

I clutch the tablet to my chest and turn away.

“Mr. Greg, what’ she mean? What key?”

Tears are streaming down my cheek as I walk back to the cabin. Still early in the morning, I pour some of Edwards Scotch and sit down staring at the beach; the beach where I saved her life yesterday; the beach where we made love a few hours ago.

I open my tablet, and there is a note.


I told Victor, he said I could leave him, but he would kill you.

Can you forgive me?
Can the words of passion that we shared be forgotten?
Can it be relived?

Let us be joyous that "We were".

You are my friend, my teacher, my lover, yet not my savior. You have taught me to fly, but I am still in a cage, a gilded cage.

This is true, for each of use is liable for our own fate. I made my choice long ago, thus I must deal with the consequences of that choice.

Nevertheless, my heart will always belong to you, this is the reason I say " tu me salvaste". You rescued me.

But I hadn’t rescued her, and though I will mourn her loss for the rest of my life, at least I was able to teach her to fly.

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