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The ice tinkled against the glass as I raised it to my lips, enjoying the warmth of the late evening sun on my face. The view from the hotel veranda was sublime, out across the Pacific vastness to meet the vivid blue sky at the horizon. It was plain to se...


Mrs Robinson Crusoe

Mrs Robinson's Story

Mrs Robinson Crusoe stood upon her own little isle, Wondering what happened to that cute little smile. She'd not seen her mister since their boat was wrecked. Two years it’d been since Mister washed over the deck.   The boat had sunk beneath her; she stru...

Chapter Two: Settling In (Well, Sort Of)

The second chapter to an untitled story based off my dream... (or... nightmare)

When we landed it was about noon- though we didn't care much about time, we cared about the light in the sky- and at the point that I started realizing what was happening (the moment when I start remembering), I'd say it was about two o'clock. Some guys (...

Prologue: A Warning

The prologue to an untitled story based off my dream... (or... nightmare)

An island, small enough to travel by foot at day, and dangerous enough that if you are on the ground after the sun starts setting, you will be killed. An island of nocturnal creatures specifically created to kill humans... acidic water for fifteen feet ou...

Whatever lifts you up Whatever floats ur boat But I can't take it anymore So I've gone remote To a desert island In the middle of the sea Coz my time has run up For when I used to be me. So cry your tears They're what made this sea and don't go without th...

A Gilded Cage

Can a bird still fly in a gilded cage?

‘We approach each other, I gaze in your face, I find your lips tender, as we kiss in a daze. Again and again we kiss, with each more yearning then before, Then, I awaken, I am alone, yet not so alone as before.’ “There is Cayo Lobos, just up ahead.” Brian...

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