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A Second Chance Part 10

"Tell me what happened," he repeated raising his voice.

"Call me when you're sober and I will consider it," she answered angrily as she reached for the doorknob.

Dan grabbed her by one shoulder to stop her and she rounded on him and smacked him across the face. He responded by smacking her across her face in the same manner. They stood there just looking at each other for the longest time. She dropped her backpack and purse and flew into his arms.

They held each other tightly and wept before they returned to the kitchen table and took a long pull at their drinks that he refreshed. She extended her hands and he took both of them in his and they stared onto each others tear lined cheeks for the longest time.

"My former fiancée did this. He decided that we needed to talk and I ignored him and he grabbed my wrist as I tried to walk around him."

"You should have called me," Dan responded.

"And have you beat him to a pulp? I gave him a painful reminder that I possessed skills that he was unaware of."

Dan accepted her explanation.

"Now why the drinking?" she asked.

"Because I'm afraid."

"You afraid. Afraid of what?"

"I'm afraid of that I'm in love with you again."

"Is being in love with me such a frightening aspect?"

"No, but you left me once before and it almost killed me.I don't think I could take it again," he admitted.

"You think that I'm not afraid? I find you only to lose you again. You'll be in Florida and I'll be up here alone," she responded.

"That's the other part of my fear. I want you to come with me."

Loni's eyes opened wide. He finally said what she longed to hear, he wanted her again. So what fear could he still have?

"Now why is that causing you so much distress?"

"The college boys in Florida. You may find another spy."

Finally the truth came out and it caused Loni to tear up again.

"I was nineteen when I hurt you, so please give me the credit of regretting my mistakes on a daily basis and learning from it. You think that I am not worried? Do you realize how good looking and talented you are?"

"I aint that good looking."

"Yes you are, you just don't see it. You don't think that I am not afraid some little college hottie or station intern will want you for herself?"

"Like that would ever happen."

"Do you know how many of those bridal show models wanted you? I heard them talking and If I had not shown up and said I was your girlfriend, one of them might have gotten her way with you."

There was a long silence between them before Dan spoke again.

"Loni, I want you to come with me as I don't want to lose you again. Money will be tight that first year but I'll assist you anyway I can."

"It won't take that much."

"But you talked about your fiancée supporting you and how without it you could not afford it."

"That's not going to happen for awhile. I have money in a trust fund that will eventually run out, that's when I will need support. Until then, the only thing I need is you to be there for me."

They spent the night together locked in a lovers embrace that started at the kitchen table when Loni stood up and removed her clothes.

The next day, Loni did not attend her morning classes, she went to the admissions office and began the lengthy process of transferring to another college. It would take about a week to get everything ready and one of her professors offered assistance as she was an alumni of Florida Atlantic University.

When her professor asked her the reason for her departure, Loni explained everything and her teacher smiled.

"Sometimes a separation is necessary to allow the parties to mature. The rejoining is always something to celebrate," her teacher stated.

In the weeks that followed Loni would occasionally bump into Brad as she made her way across campus. He gave her wide berth and said nothing as he shot her a dirty look. She began making inquiries with moving companies on the cost of transporting the contents of her small apartment to Florida, she was shocked at the amount of money it would take.

She even tried a few Florida based companies, while a little cheaper it was still costly. It was only a one bedroom apartment and Loni couldn't even imagine what Dan was going to have to pay for moving the contents of his mobile home. She would have to make a decision as time was running out, there was less than a month left.

She came up with one idea that filled her with great uncertainty. It would mean totally relying on someone other than herself, something she had never done..

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