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A Second Chance Part 2

It was the longest and warmest hug she had gotten in a long time. The moment he wrapped his strong arms around her she felt safe and happy. When he slowly relaxed his grip, she stepped back, and he drank in the figure before him.

"Wow, you look great," he finally said.

"Me? You're the one that looks really great."

They stood there staring at each other for the longest time, both unsure what to say.

"Can you join me for a drink?" Dan finally asked.

"Sure. Name the place."

"Do you know where the study is?"

"Yes, but that's a private club."

"I know, but I am a member.I will call ahead and leave your name with the doorman."

"You're not leaving now?"

"No. I have a mandatory meeting with the mall people, plus they owe me a check. I will be less than a half an hour behind you.

"Then I'll see you there," she replied giving him one last hug followed by a brief kiss on the cheek.

As she walked to the entrance, she felt his eyes on her backside, and she smiled to herself. This time, as she walked past the store windows she didn't avert her eyes, she even stopped once to take a long hard look and was satisfied at what was reflected back to her.

She was soon behind the wheel of her car and heading to the rendezvous while her mind tussled with a multitude of thoughts. She imagined Brad leaving dozens of messages on her answering machine inquiring where she was and smiled to herself.

It wasn't a long drive, less than fifteen minutes away. The club was located in a small strip mall in a very upscale part of town. The lobby suggested a study from an old movie set and the actual entrance was camouflaged behind a built in bookcase. A large but dignified looking tuxedo-clad doorman greeted her and asked for her membership card.

She gave her name, and he scanned the list on the desk in front of him. He smiled again as he pressed a button allowing the door to pop open. The inside of the club boasted thick carpeting, wood and brass fixtures throughout. There were dozens of tables and chairs to accompany parties of two or four while numerous booths circled the walls.

On a small stage, a piano player entertained those closest to the stage.

She was escorted to a booth, and her drink order was taken. As she sipped on her beverage Loni's mind took her back in time to when she first laid eyes on Dan.

It was the year she volunteered at the haunted house project being put on by the local Jaycees, there was an attraction from the moment they met. Now there were quite a number of pretty female volunteers, that had designs on him, but he was taken with her.

They were soon spending a lot of time together away from the project. Now despite the fact that he was easily ten years older they really got along great. They became lovers in a weak moment and soon discovered that they were one hundred percent compatible in that department.

She never revealed her true age until a few years later for fear of causing him panic, he believed that she was a lot older to her dress and mannerisms. He took the news well, and nothing changed

When his job took him out of town, they exchanged letters every week. She would occasionally make suggestions of a permanent relationship and he was not scared off. His first love was the stage, and she must have attended dozens of productions that he was in and helped him learn his lines.

Things were going along pretty well and that's when she met the spy. He wasn't really a spy but he looked the part, he even had his own plane. She was attracted to him in a friendly kind of way and that's when she discovered one of Dan's less than desirable traits, he had some serious jealousy issues.

They quarreled and soon they stopped calling each other. The spy didn't stay around long and once again she was alone. But rather than wallow in self-pity, she threw herself into academia and earned multiple degrees and her Masters.

It was the year that she was planning on her Doctorate that she met Brad at a lecture by a visiting notoriety from the academic community. Now despite his looks and easy smile there had been a few failed romances prior to their meeting, so she was cautious.

Like her he was well educated and they seemed to connect. Soon they began seeing each other on a full-time basis. He also had his quirks, but they were mild. He disliked the amount of makeup she wore, so she stopped. He had a problem with her short skirts as he didn't want other men checking her out, so she stopped wearing them.

He also disliked her smoking, so she did it on the sly. It was some time after he proposed that some of his true colors showed themselves, especially when the topic of her Doctorate came up.

"Do you really need to complete that?" he asked.

"I most certainly do."

"Who's going to stay home and watch the kids?"

"There are two of us in this partnership. I thought we agreed to table the discussion on children?"

"For how long?"

"Until I am awarded my Doctorate."

She discovered that his parents were behind him one hundred percent and she managed to keep her anger in check. So all her plans were not even considered, she was expected to marry and start having babies immediately.

The planning of their upcoming wedding started a week after she accepted his proposal and it was a week later when his Mother invited her to bridal and fashion show at the mall. A movement out of her right side brought her back to reality and she saw Dan approaching her booth.

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