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Cat Lover: Hot Chocolate for the Soul

Relaxed and relieved in time for a casual conversation.

The first semester is over! Mill celebrated at home with a hot chocolate that eventually became a warm temperature. Student life was ridiculous living on your own, luckily the government's monthly funding allowances came in handy for small achievements even Jynx received a hot chocolate. The atmosphere of giving lurked about in the air everywhere.

"Holidays coming in soon..." Jynx muttered after a sip.

"That's true. Wonder if I should go visit mom?" Mill thought out loud.

"She all by herself?" he asked while cupping the hot chocolate between his hands.

"Not exactly..." her tone of voice changed into a nervous chuckle. "Recently, my parents divorced but can't keep away from each other"

An unexpected cough came from Jynx, almost choking from the liquid. "Your parents divorced?" he couldn't help but ask. The whole time of Mill's hospitality was a cover of hard work at school and family dilemma back home?

She giggled from his struggle to breathe, "Relax; I'm not that torn about it. Like I was about to explain; my dad can't stay away from my mom, and I can say the same about her, but they just tend not to get along so well often."

The situation confused the guy since it wasn't often that divorced couples continued to be part of each other's lives. He noticed it didn't bother Mill from the expression on her face, which was exhaustion. "Hm... So what are you going to do?"

"I'll just send them cards, I guess?" Mill sipped again from her hot chocolate and glanced over towards Jynx. "What about you?"

"Huh?" he immediately responded.

"Don't you have family somewhere?" she asked.

"Yeah... Can't remember who they are!" His tone of voice was suddenly high pitched, as he turned away to stretch his arms.

Her fingers began to tap the sides of her cup, and she bit her bottom lip, "Did I ask something wrong?"

"No. I just don't remember." he bluntly replied yawning. Shaking and scratching the back of his head, he began to feel the atmosphere change between them. He felt uneasy.

Mill had wanted to continue asking about what he couldn't remember, but she also felt the unsettling atmosphere in the room. "Okay well anyway!"

"Anyway?" his eyebrow arched, curious to see where she was going to take this moment.

"I can't go anyways because of leaving my home   lately in your care turned out to be a bad idea," Another sip from her cup had given her some inner comfort.

Jynx suddenly felt offended, "Excuse me?"

"You really think I can leave you home alone? There was a dead mouse in my kitchen!" she mentioned with a bit of annoyance hinted.

"Whats your point?" he scoffed. How could she be mad about that? In his eyes, she might as well have been glad he kept the vermin out. Though keeping them out was exaggerated.

"Oh hell no. I do not accept dead mice as gifts in this apartment!" Mill explained while pointing her finger at Jynx.

Seriously, scolded for what seemed natural to him? "They are not gifts. They are my achievements. Plus it is a statement." he quickly rose to head towards the bathroom.

"Statement?" she pondered.

"Clearly in the world of cat's, we hunt and present dinner to our comrades. we believe to be starving." he chuckled as he was about to close the door behind him. "Your welcome" he smiled.

Mill could only stutter. "What on earth does that mean you jerk?!" she yelled in her apartment.

Holidays were almost near; Mill usually made an appearance back home in the  outskirts of the city. However, this time she felt she should stay home to give Jynx some company. Just so he wasn't home alone, but also to probably keep an eye on him for unwanted surprises.




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