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I poured my heart out to you today,spouted reams of passionate nonsenseinfused with hate, the bitterest ire and blended with fruitless frustration. I ranted and raved at you today,offloaded old pent-up, smothered fears, released thoughts brewed in darkest...


The power of a hug is overwhelming.

Hugging you hugging meCuddled close so tenderlyIn each others armsWe hear no alarmsIn each others eyesThere's no disguiseComfortable togetherHeads light as a featherBeating hearts in rhythmSouls feeling a collisionNot wanting to let goContent with the flo...

where is he?my friend, my hypnos, my nocturnal friend,who always came at night,and left at dawn like a vampire.every night I opened myself to him,and without fail he always came.I never had to go searching.I never had to shout out his n...

More than a poet

This describe me

Yeah, I'm more then a poet cause I'm an artist and a writer. I'm a lover and a fighter and my son provider. I have a habit of my own of graspin' words with my fist. See, I'm a talented unknown and unheard of lyricist. Look, I'm as real as this art. So no...

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My Love For You

How I adore you

Everyday I love you just a little more, you're my lover that I absolutely adore.I cherish all the time we spend together,you're the sweetest man, whom I treasure.You shower me with love and affection,our relationship is sheer perfection.I never dreamed to...

You have lost your cyber lover

Feelings of how you feel after this loss

Cyber relationships can come to a halt, They will stop abruptly, it's not really your fault.Real life situations may come up in their lives,And you're not part of that, how will you survive.These relationships can be a bit too intense,You have to be smart...

dawn breaks slowly quietly inching forward as if it dares not disturb the night like a lover dares not disturb the one he loves while she is sleeping he climbs into bed slowly and pulls the covers  around her so that she is warm and he selflessly gives hi...

Tears Don't Fall

Inner grief of losing a lover...

June 17, 2012We buried you today. The rain fell because the sky would miss your smiling face. You lay in the corner of the cemetery, your funeral very short and to the point. We couldn't afford a proper service or a fancy urn. We took a coffee can and pla...