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Cat Lover: That New Year's Scent?

New Years Eve but there's apparently something different about Mill?

New Years Eve is the well known evening of massive parties happening anywhere in the world. From a group of classmates, Mill had been invited out to a party in celebrating the coming new year. Jynx as her "designated sober buddy" kept watch over her well being the entire time. Mill was not much of a partier due to embarrassing herself by tripping over her own feet in previous occasions, tonight was not so different.

Afterwards, Jynx decided to bring her back home early; helping her into her bedroom was a difficult task. He laid her upon her bed, covering herself with the blanket nearby, before he stretched out his arms. Mill was quite heavy and unfortunately a bad drunk. Jynx had suddenly transformed into his feline figure. He leaped onto her bed and dipped his claws into the fabric of her blanket then balled up beside her legs at the bottom of the bed. The two had fallen asleep and Mill began to dream.


Mill felt something twitching on her nose while she laid in her bed and turned her head to find two feline hues staring into her eyes with intensity. "What the hell-!" She screamed while her body attempted to crawl out of the bed but had fallen onto the floor instead. "Jynx, what are you doing-" after rubbing her head Mill had turned to come face to face with Jynx as a human. Not naked but with pants on? So quick...


"You smell different..." his voice whispered while leaning his face closer to hers. His eyes seemed a serious expression.


"What, do I stink or something?" Her voice shaky, she was ready to smell her shirt until his face suddenly snuggled into her neckline. "H-hey!"


The weight of Jynx's body was heavy enough to push them both onto the floor, causing Mill to wiggle beneath him. "Your scent is changing from before... I don't like it" he spoke while sniffing around her shoulders.


Not able to push him off, Mill was flushed bright red and embarrassed. "Smell different? Look, just get off me. I don't even know what you're talking about Jynx..." her breath had been caught in her throat once she came eye to eye with Jynx.


He just stared down at her. Nothing to say until he slowly began to lean closer. "You're different..." he whispered.


"Uhm J-Jynx? I'm kind of freaked out..." Her own voice had squeaked. As soon as it seemed like he was about to kiss her, Mill shut her eyes closed in fear.


From what seemed to be a nightmare indeed, Mill had awoken and immediately risen from her bed with a scream. The cat Jynx suddenly rolled off the bed with a hiss and growl as his body landed on the floor. "What the hell was that?" He yelled up at the shaking Mill.


Looking around her room to realize it was a bad nightmare, she felt her forehead in cold sweat with a sigh of relief. "Oh thank God!" Her heart was beating like crazy. The dream was so surreal for her to handle in fact why would she even dream that way of her cat? It's disturbing to imagine for herself.


Meanwhile a confused cat was speechless and freaked out. "Damn it your crazy when your asleep..." was all he could comment about her behaviour. A good night's sleep seemed like the perfect way to end the night, from the clocks hour at 3:34AM, the sudden shocking scream of terror made the moment scary.


Catching her breath finally, Mill immediately shot a look towards Jynx. "You!" She spoke in a fierce tone, "No more transformations before bed time!". A pillow was thrown at Jynx in quick movement that caused him to run out of her room and into the living room. She must of been half asleep right? Mill was crazy and angry for no reason in his eyes. Mill was flushed that night and yelling through her pillows of frustration. How could she dream of Jynx that way and why was it about how she smelled?


Alas there was no peaceful sleep for the two confused young adults on that early morning of the first day of the New Year . Happy New Year indeed...




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