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Cat Lover: The Gift of Friends?

On Christmas Eve, what is the perfect gift?

The atmosphere of Christmas Eve could be felt everywhere; Mill had been walking around downtown feeling frustrated. She could not figure out the perfect gift for Jynx. Extravagant or simple? Aside from the dilemma, she was home alone this morning to see a note placed on the fridge door:

"Be back later!


Seemed like the perfect time to find a gift at the last minute rush hours for shopping. The crowds prevented her from finding anything suitable. Strolling around while staring up at the tall buildings gave her a small sense of hope. Deciding to check her cell phone to see the time, it was now 4:34 pm. Panicking from the inside and with no luck so far, Mill had run to the nearest store. Inside a convenience store... what exactly could she give from a shop full of snacks?

"Oh no... This is turning out to be more difficult than it should," she muttered to herself while scanning the store.

"We close in half hour Miss!" the cashier yelled.

"Okay!" she replied.

Perking her lips, she sighed that a card might just be all she can offer. Since Jynx being her new roommate over the year, she felt the gift should have more meaning. From the corner of her eye, she spotted a keychain connected to a metal shape of a dead eyed fish. It may have been cliche but perfect for a cat. Mill had made the purchase before heading back home.

Few traffic hours later by bus, Mill walked into her apartment. The weather was suddenly colder from a wind chill, and she was desperate to bundle herself within the comfort of her blanket. Closing the door behind her, there was the sound of dishes clacking from the kitchen.

"Jynx?" she called for him while slipping off her boots.

"Hey, you!" Jynx yelled back before walking into the hallway.

He seemed to be energetic with the tiny grin on his face, "You're in a good mood?" she asked while heading towards the couch.

"More like I was able to afford some luxury dinner. Hah, yes!" he responded with a laugh while shuffling his hands together.

Come to think of it; Mill began to smell something pretty delicious. "Mmm... Is that what I think it is?" she suddenly felt excited.

Jynx dashed back into the kitchen to walk back out with two plates filled with pieces of fried chicken and fries. "Fried chicken!" the tone of his voice was so excited like a boy opening presents, was a cute side of him to see.

"Oh sweet! Fried chicken!", Mill sat down on the couch and followed by Jynx down beside her.

Moments later, they had turned on the television for some background noise as she and Jynx were chowing down the delicious chicken. Jynx practically groaned from every bite, "So good...!".

She smiled at the look of pleasure on his face, "So this is what you left to grab?" asking as she licked the tips of her fingers.

"That and a quick stop some place. I figured fried chicken would be a good meal for Christmas Eve," Jynx took another bite off the drum stick.

"I definitely don't disagree with that," Mill couldn't help but laugh a bit. "Well I did get you something, so close your eyes!", she clapped her hands together.

A present for him? Was pretty unusual for Mill to think of Jynx for a gift. "Seriously, aren't we passed surprises?" He teased.

"Too much from you actually. Now close your eyes!" She excitedly covered his eyes with her right hand.

He smirked at the childish behavior although it was cute to watch. "Okay then..." he sighed to give an impression he was already bored in a sarcastic tone.

Reaching down into her pocket, she pulled out the keychain to dangle in front of his face. "Okay now look!", removing her hand and biting her bottom lip, she wanted to see his expression.

To his surprise, a dangling key chain with the shape of a dead eyed fish had swung back and forth. "Oh, whoa.." was all the response that left his mouth once he opened his eyes. He retrieved the key chain from Mill's fingers.

Jynx seemed clueless, and she gave a nervous laugh, "I'm sorry. I bought something I felt would be better to your taste as a cat... don't like it?".

He chuckled while pulling out an item from his pocket, "More like; we think alike." There was an exact keychain dangling in front of Mill's face.

The two started to laugh from the irony. Both gifts were a symbolism to his cat appearance and lifestyle. Exchanging the presents, they decided to continue eating more of their Christmas Eve feast of fried chicken. Not perfect but it was simple and a cute way to welcome Jynx into her life from then on...

Although, the future held complications in store.







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