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If it’s meant to be

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Sometimes in life, there are those moments in time that some things will eventually come true and when they do, you will jump at the chance of happiness. These are the times in life, that if something is going to happen it will happen. So if it does, it is just meant to be.

There has always been this one thing in my life that I always truly believed in. This belief has followed me throughout my entire adult life. This one belief started the moment I turned sixteen and continued throughout my time at college. This is the one thing that I truly believe in and hopefully, it will lead me to the happiness that I crave. I have a firm belief that will eventually one day, I will be led towards my fate in life.

This self-belief of mine in my eventual fate and destiny is helping to steer me towards my fate in life. Hopefully one day, this will lead me into the arms of the one that I am destined to be with. She will be my soulmate, the love of my life. The one that I am going to spending the rest of my with. This belief of mine in my fate helps when letting myself off the hook when I am unlucky in love.

In the past, I have been so very unlucky in love. This has been due to shyness that I have in approaching of the opposite sex. Also, I lack a lot of confidence in myself. This due to events in my younger years that took their toll. But this doesn’t mean that I haven’t gotten to kiss a girl or even French kiss her if you know what you mean. I have gotten to first base and kissed a girl, but due to confidence issues, I haven’t gone any further. But I have now decided, that I am going to save my for when that special someone decides to eventually come into my life.

When in college, I had a very big crush on this one girl. Throughout the three years I was in college, I would notice this girl and secretly hope that we would be together. But being me, I just couldn’t pick up the courage just to go and talk with her so I could ask her out on a date. But now looking back, there’s that part of me wishing that I had just grown a pair of balls and asked her out on a date. All that is now in the past, so that now I can reflect upon what might have been. I now realize if I had taken a chance at the time, in asking her out I may have had a chance of being with her. Then things could have been, or rather different if I had been more forward. 

Over the years I tried to chance my luck with a spot of internet dating but to no avail. I have also been to the odd singles night but still wasn’t able to meet Miss Right or anyone that I was able to relate to, for that matter, either. One day, I would like to meet the girl of my dreams so that we could settle down, eventually, and get married. At this current moment in time, I am hopeful that someday this day will arrive.

Hopefully, someday this day will arrive and I will get caught up in a spider's web of love or maybe even be caught up in a “cupid’s chokehold”. So that I can fall madly in love with the girl that I have pictured in my thoughts and dreams. So that one day, my dreams will eventually come true so that the girl of my dreams will come into my life.

I think that is going to be enough about my uneventful love life for now. I am now going to see where all of this is going to eventually lead, hopefully to that moment in my life that I just can’t wait for. But I just didn’t see that moment of my life, was just about to happen. The love of my life was just around the corner, but  I just didn’t see her coming. There was this something that was about to change my life from bad to good. This is how the moment I had dreamed of was about to become reality.

That was the moment when I got struck down by a lightning bolt, or could it have been one of Cupid’s arrows? But I didn’t care, I was in love. I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. As I walked along the pavement, I noticed this girl trip and fall. I went to her aid and I helped her back to her feet. I looked into her eyes. Could it have been a dream? I pinched myself, but it was real. She stood right there, the girl from college. I asked her if she wasn’t hurt from the fall, she said she was fine. I offered to buy her coffee and we went to the nearest coffee shop. We started chatting. We caught up on old times over a cup of coffee. I became more confident as we chatted away and realised couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. I decided I had to ask her out on a date. To my relief, she said yes. So, a chance encounter took me into the arms of my one and only.

Finally, I found to my delight I was falling deeply in love with the girl of my dreams. She was just so perfect in every single way. From her perfectly beautiful smile which I couldn’t wait to kiss, to her very infectious laugh, that I couldn’t help but laugh with. She had big beautiful blue eyes that I could die for. She had beautiful silky soft blonde hair, much longer than I remembered. She had a very cute little nose stud in her cute nose. She had small but very pert boobs, which were just fine by me. This girl was just so absolutely amazingly beautiful and to me, she was just perfect.

We were a match made in heaven, it was just like an angel from above had decided that we were meant to be. We were just so perfect together, we had so much in common it was so unbelievable. We would do nearly everything together that was possible. We were so deeply in love with each other. We were inseparable, nothing could tear us apart. We were each other’s soulmate, nothing could change how much we loved and felt about each other.

By now we had been going out for several months, I knew deep down in my heart there was something I needed to ask her. So I set about planning a surprise romantic getaway, for the two of us, in which I planned on asking her to marry me. I went to the nearest jewellers, purchasing the perfect diamond encrusted engagement ring I could find, setting my plan into motion. 

The following weekend, we travelled by Eurostar to Paris, France. Once there we found the hotel where we were staying, checking in and going up to the room. Once settled in, we set off to explore Paris. As we took in all the sights that Paris could offer, we looked lustfully into each other’s eyes. With the Eiffel tower in the background, we kissed each other passionately without any due care in the world. That evening we went for a romantic candlelit dinner, with violinists playing in the background. As the evening drew to close, we walked hand in hand back to our hotel. Going back up to our room, where we made love into the wee hours of the night.

The next day, we travelled to the Eiffel tower, going up to the observation deck and taking in all the views that we could. Whilst she was looking out over Paris, I got down on one knee. I was taking the ring box from my pocket just as she turned around. She put her hands to her mouth, as she knew what was about to happen. I told her just how much she meant to me, that’s when I asked her, “Will you marry me?” To my delight, she said yes. Getting up, I put the ring on her finger, kissing her as we heard the cheers from the watching crowd.

Several months later we got married, in a beautiful village church. My heart was racing, as I watched my bride walk down the aisle. We said our vows and were wed. After the church ceremony and photos outside, we headed back to the farm for the reception in a beautifully decorated marquee overlooking stunning views of the Cotswolds. Then it came to the first dance, as man and wife. We had “I don’t want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith as the song we danced to. As the evening drew to a close, we headed back to the hotel we had booked. There we consummated our marriage, unaware that the next chapter of our lives was only nine months away. That will be another story, another day.

This girl will forever be, the one that I will love for the rest of my life. I will never forget the day she came back into my life. To become my lover and later my wife. From that day forward, I knew I would love her forever and ever. She is the love of my life, my soulmate. Love will always find a way when it’s meant to be, so just let your life take its course and let it be.




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