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Powerful Love - Chapter Eight

A great end to a great date

Chapter Eight - Nick

I feel a slow happy warm glow build up in me and when I pull back, I see that same happy glow shining from her eyes. She slowly leans back in and gives me a lingering peck on the lips, before pulling back and biting her lower lip. I slowly reach up, push a strand of hair out of her eye, before reaching down and grabbing her hand.

“I hope this is a good movie,” I say to Oasis as the cinema starts to fill up in front of us.

“I think it will be a great one,” She says to me with a smile.

I smile back, as the lights dim before turning back to the screen with the smile plastered to my face. I quietly sit there and watch the movie. As it starts, I look over at Oasis and see a lovely glowing smile on her face.

Once the movie is over, Oasis is starting to feeling tired, so I take her straight home and walk her to the door. We have a sweet kiss good night. I wait until she is safely inside before I head back to my car and head home.

When I get home, I carefully park my gin metallic Nissan roadster in its secure parking place and head inside to see my mother and father waiting in the family room for me to find out how the rest of my date went.

“Hello, Sweetie. How was the rest of your date?” my mum asks giving me a hug.

“It was great mum,” I tell her as I hug her back. “She asked me to go to a horse riding competition with her this weekend. She wants me to see her compete.”

“That’s good. Now off to your room and do some of your homework before bedtime,” Mum tells me with a quick kiss on the cheek before giving me a gentle push towards the stairs.

I head upstairs to my room and get changed into a pair of flannel pyjamas pants and a short sleeved shirt before going to my desk and pulling out my biology homework. The assignment is about the theory of dissection. I set to work on outlining the assignment to finish off tomorrow afternoon. Once I have it started and outlined I check my homework diary provided by the school and see that I have an English essay due in two days. I quickly check my English assignment folder and find the nearly finished essay that I have been working on for the last two and a half weeks. I finish my closing argument before completing an edit of my work and printing it off.

Once the essay is printed off and saved to a backup usb stick, I decide to hand write a letter for Oasis.

Eyes the colour of violets, Lips as soft and sweet as silk, when I look at you I think of hot summer days and violets growing in large fields that look like your eyes.

Once I’ve finished writing the letter, I sign it and put it in my bag next to my essay, before climbing into bed and dreaming of Oasis.

I wake up to my mum shaking my shoulder and telling I better get up or I’ll be late to school. I quickly get up and race around getting ready for school. I pick out a light blue polo shirt and a pair of black jeans. I once I’ve finished showering and getting dressed, I race downstairs to see that mum has put a raspberry and a blueberry muffin in a to-go container for me to eat on my way to school. I race out the door and on the way to school, I stop by a small local florists and buy a half a dozen purple violets. I finish my muffins, just as I reach school, I quickly race to Oasis’ locker and see her there. I race up and hand her the flowers and the letter, which I grabbed out of my bag on the way into the school hall.

When I give her the flowers, she is happy and falls in love with letter. She carefully puts the flowers in her locker to keep them safe while we are at school and carefully folds and puts the letter into her homework diary and gives me a hug before we head off towards our English class.

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