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Proof of Life

a boy ridden with cancer for eleven years and the boy who offers to stay by his side.


Today my life is about to end. I never thought it would come so quickly. I never once in my life acted selfishly. However, just this once, I wished for both of them to get along. Both are my precious friends. As my first and last wish, I want them to get along because I love them both very much. So, please, Gods. Grant my selfish wish. That is all, Iask for.

Treatment One

Most of my life, I've spent in Saint Hope, a hospital for critically injured and cancer patients. It's been so long, and I'm starting to forget my parents' faces. They haven't come to visit me, but I know they're working hard for my treatments. I love my parents.

"Nagisa. It's time for your chemotherapy. I'll help you into the wheelchair."

Everyone here is nice. It's a hospital, but the rooms are made to suit their occupants. It feels cozy.


Helping me into the wheelchair, the nurse wheeled me to a nearby room.

"Good morning, Nagisa. How are you feeling today?"

Every day is the same. I want to run in the sun without coughing up blood. Sitting back in the chair as they prep the drug, I answer as usual.

"I'm fine, for now."

"That's great, Nagisa!"

My doctors' name is Ryou Yamada. He's really sweet to me and others. If he were my type, I'd fall in love with his sweetness. Right. I forgot to mention that I'm gay. This is my darkest secret, and the only person that I ever told, is Doctor Ryo. He is my confidant. The strongest pillar that supports me. Other than someone else I know. That person is closer to me than anyone. My parents will never compare.

"Good job, Nagisa."

He really is kind. That foolish doctor.

"I guess. Is Lee in his therapy session right now?"

The nurse helped me back into the wheelchair.

"That's right. He went a few minutes earlier before you woke up." That's all I needed to know.

"Can you take me to Lee?"

"Of course. Everyone there loves you and tries harder when they see you."

I came here when I could barely understand what was going on. But, reality hit me when I had my 8th birthday. I was going to die. As to when I wouldn't know. So, I sit and wait while my life is slowly sucked away. Either way, I'm not scared or sad. I'm content with how things are. Even if I'm dying.

In town, a large group of people gathered around the streets, yelling enthusiastically.

"Come on, everyone! We're almost there! Don't forget. All this money is going to help the cancer patients at Saint Hope's."

The owner of the encouraging speech was a tall man with bluish hair. He was in front of the other people, jogging to raise a large amount of money for to fight cancer. The crowd cheers louder as each runner crosses the finish line.

"Good job, everyone! To all the spectators and participants, I thank you for your donations and support. I'll be taking the money straight to Saint Hope."

The tall man waved goodbye as each participant left.

"Alright. Let's get this money to them. I better hurry.I need to ask if I can help take care of the patients."

Grabbing the jars of money, the man hurries over to his motorcycle.

"He's going to be so ecstatic when he sees all this money."

"Nagisa, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Doctor Ryo is so nice. He'll have no trouble finding a wife.

"Do you want me to escort you back to the room?"

"No, I'm going to see Lee."

"Right. It's amazing how you go to cheer him and the others on."

"I do go daily. Lee and the other rehab patients are in so much pain when they try to walk."

Lee collapsed because of the pain last time.

"I just want to help them, even if all I can do is encourage them."

(His face is blank. Doctor Ryo doesn't know how to react when I say stuff like this. It's kinda cute!)

We were silent the rest of the walk to the rehabilitation room. Everyone was working so hard to get their bodies functioning normally again. I wish I could do more.

"Hey, Nagisa! What're ya doin' here?"

This orange-haired loud mouth is my roommate, Lee.

"I'm here to cheer you on. Why are you still surprised by this?" I love to rile him up because he always reacts.

"Ya asshole! I'm not surprised! Yer gettin' annoyin.'"

He acts cold, but, he's the first to be by my side if I start getting sick. I couldn't ask for a better friend.

"Ah, finally. I better find Ryo."

I grabbed a few jars of money, running into the hospital. One of the nurses greeted me.

"Hi. You're panting. I'm assuming the run went well?"

I smiled.

"Hey. And, yes, a lot of people donated money. Do you know where Ryo is?"

I couldn't wait to see his face.

"Doctor Yamada took his patient to the rehabilitation wing."

The rehab wing? That's not his section. Oh well.


I headed towards the rehab wing, grinning from ear to ear.

"He's gonna be so happy!" I found him in the largest room.

"Dammit, get out, will ya?!"

Someone's angry. Poking my head through the door, I could see Ryu standing in between an orange haired boy holding onto the bars and a...a bald patient.


I yelled a little too loud, causing everyone to look my way.

"Aaron, hi. What's up?"

This is getting awkward.

"I brought more money. I formed another run today."

Just as I thought, he's really happy. His ear to ear grin says it all.

"Aaron, this is amazing!"

"That's not all of it. I have about three more jars in my bike."

I'll never get tired of his face.


"Oh, right. Ryo. I need to ask you something."

"Alright, I'm listening."

"Can I help out in the cancer wing?"

This guy just appeared out of the blue. It seems he knows Doctor Ryo.

"I don't see why not, Aaron. This is also for college credit right?"

"Hey! Don't say it like that! I may get credit, but the people suffering are more important. I would ask regardless! Are yo trying to make me look bad?"

"Calm down. You know I'd never make you look bad."

Doctor Ryo stared at the man, eye to eye. It was like he was assuring himself of something.

"You can help. I have just the patient for you."

Doctor Ryo gently grabbed my shoulders, with a smile on his face.

"Nagisa, this is my friend, Aaron. He's going to be your personal aide. Is that okay?"

He's going to be my new aide? Why? What does Doctor Ryo have up his sleeve? Just what is he planning?

"Aaron, take care of Nagisa. Out of all the patients here, he's been here the longest."

"Sure. Ryo?"


His face is a little cunning.

"How long has that kid been here?"

"Nagisa has been here for eleven years. Take care, Aaron."

Are you serious? He's been living here all this time? That's...

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