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Kindness Stories


She Never Forgot

Kindness is learned at any age

"When I was young I had a dog. My parents decided that we couldn't afford it. It was the Depression." She told the story once more. Their mother had told it before. They always tried to understand. "It was on Christmas Eve. I cried that night. My dog came...


So, you are very wealthy

I always believe if everyone does a bit good deed, bit by bit, we can make a harmonious world.

  A young man muttered at his bad luck and penniless situation.   He frowned all the days. A wise senior came across to talk to him, ‘Hey kiddy, why are you so unhappy?’ ‘I don’t understand why I’m so poor always!’ he said. ‘Poor ? I think you are very we...


The story of a blind and a lantern

The earth is getting very sick day by day. But, the human minds are thousand times sicker !.......

 An ascetic came from a long journey to an obscure village on a gloomy night.  There were some villagers continuously walking to and fro in the streets. When the ascetic walked into an alley, he saw a dim yellow light approaching quietly from the deep end...


My request to Buddha

Truly hope to see a better human nature on earth !!!!!!!

 I have a request to Buddha, “Please let all my friends be healthy and happy forever?”Buddha says, “Only four days!” I say, “Alright, Spring-day, Summer-day, Autumn-day, Winter-day.” Buddha says, “Three days!” I say, “Alright, Yesterday, Today, Next-day.”...

If you ask me who I love, this is what I'll say;The man whose love for me, grows deeper every day;The man who knows the thoughts, deep within my mind;The man who can be so stubborn, but is more often so very kind;This man calls me his Little Bird, I call...

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Proof of Life

a boy ridden with cancer for eleven years and the boy who offers to stay by his side.

PrologueToday my life is about to end. I never thought it would come so quickly. I never once in my life acted selfishly. However, just this once, I wished for both of them to get along. Both are my precious friends. As my first and last wish, I want them...


Apart but not separate

 I see you across the canyon, Unable to hold you tight. I can't help with your distress, Try as though I might. Feeling your hurt inside me, I reach out with my mind. Trying to make you hear me. Thoughts of ours in kind. I love you more than words, And ho...

Free hugs

To cheer up a loved one.

Hush, my dear, don't say a word. I feel your pains that have occurred.Come close to me and rest your head,I'll hold you tight, scatter your dread. I know you so well; all your fears,Those you call flaws; I hold dear.Not weak at all, so strong and so smart...