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A weekend trip for two

It was nothing fancy, just a brief reprieve from the distractions of everyday life. A little rendezvous just under two hours away, but it might have as well been across country. Buildings, landscape and people changed. We had both done a great deal of traveling in our time, and we love to be on the road.

Music and pleasant conversation while en route between the CB radio broadcasting warnings of the presence of the Highway Patrol speed traps ,there is no need for speed so I slow down. We laugh as we think about those left behind who will attempt to seek us out. My car will not be at either of our abodes or usual haunts and the phones will go unanswered. There are times when you just need to get away; this is one of those times.

We arrive and check in. The room is nice, nothing fancy but very comfortable. The suitcases are unpacked and clothing laid out. Then its off for a brief tour of the property for your benefit; I have been here before and enjoyed it, and wanted to share it with you. We return to the room and change for lunch.

Late afternoon finds us in the lounge, lunch ended quite awhile ago and now it's happy hour. I am glad they did not check your ID, that might have been awkward. Never a concern or a worry as you have always carried yourself with the air and dignity of someone much older. Your looks, speech and dress broadcast that you are a serious businesswoman. 

Eyes staring deeply into each others, unspoken desires hiding behind those windows to the soul. The booth affords us our privacy and besides the conversation is muted and not for anyone but us. I watch you as you depart and return from the powder room, the silky dress caresses your curves with every step.

You take your seat and slid in closer, we fit together nicely. Your hand finds mine and our fingers interlace, we continue to drink and chat. Long satiny smooth legs are gently and discreetly stroked. Finally we are done with our beverages,the bill is requested, presented and paid. We depart amid jokes with the waiter, waitress and bartender. Such is our personalities, we make friends easily. We saunter towards our room. there is no need to hurry.

As soon as the door is locked and bolted behind us we fall into each others arms. It seems that I cannot kiss you long or deeply enough. Ears,neck and lips are kissed, licked and nipped at. Those actions along with your perfumed soft whispers ignite the flames of passion and I fall backward on the bed.

Laying back on the bed, my eyes drink in a beautiful sight. Silky dress pushed to your hips reveling the lace tops of thigh high stockings which are secured by the ribbons of a yet unseen satin garter belt. The white straw hat is cantered back on your long red hair and your green eyes are lit with desire. The connection is made and two bodies merge into one sharing the same breath and heartbeat.

Hours later sleep finds us, the dress and hat are finally discarded. Your warm flesh meets and melts into mine as I fold you into my arms amid wishes of good night before drifting off to sleep.

A good start to a great get away..

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