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CaptNick 7 years ago

The drive

The drive home from the supermarket

Looking at the head in my lap Moving all over as I drive The bad shape of the road Making the head move all over Looking at the head My mouth waters Looking into the passenger seat Looking at the buns Admire the bi...

bri54 8 years ago

Doing a Few Lines

A term I heard and made into a poem and now this short tale

When I first started using the forums I'd been on another site and someone used a term that's in this piece. When I first wrote it, I did it in Hallmarked poetry. But the words came thick and fast and soon I had too much. So I made it bigger. And bigger....

The_Count 8 years ago


A weekend trip for two

It was nothing fancy, just a brief reprieve from the distractions of everyday life. A little rendezvous just under two hours away, but it might have as well been across country. Buildings, landscape and people changed. We had both done a great deal of tra...

Livingroom11 8 years ago

Inspiration is twisted... i now have inspiration

I looked on as though again it was happiness at my expense

Inspiration is twisted… I now have inspiration.Nicola from Almagretta. I had no idea Valetta had such a sound, almost as if she had been dumb a year and a half lingering in my room & once dragged to Italy. But tonight she blossomed… in...