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Love has no boundaries(Student-Teacher relationship) Chapter Two

"Jessica Mills has a crush on her sport teacher, she knows that it can never happen. But does he?"

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When we make it back to our bags, the bells ring out. “See, told ya`s,” Violet grins.

“So you did” I grin back though I can`t shake the feeling like I did something behind her back with her boyfriend; even though we didn’t really.

“Kay, see ya,” I say to Violet as I give her a hug then head off to the textiles room. Shit, I forgot to tell the rest of the class like Sir told me to. Jason gives her a quick goodbye kiss on the forehead. That’s weird. Usually, they have at least two seconds of kissing. He`s acting weird all of a sudden like they aren’t even an item, but I thought that they were really happy. Maybe he`s just not in the mood right now.

I try to shake It off and agree that that`s what it is. He`s just not in the mood. I walk around the corner and head towards class. ”Whoa,” I say out loud shocked when I feel the presence of a hand on the small of my back. I turn my head around and find that it`s Jason`s hand resting on my back. I give him a curious and confused look,

“What are you doing?”

“No one can see. We're all alone,” he says, and he's right. We`re closed in on two solid brick walls with no windows, and all the students took the other path. So no one Is walking past the two entries. Crap. I turn around, thinking his hand will drop. Instead he adds the other one, so there is one on each love handle; constricting me to leave and putting little space between us. I try to walk back, but he just tightens his grip.

“Jason what are you doing?” I ask in a serious tone, getting concerned at what he is doing.

“Whatever you want me to do baby,” he replies with a smirk, as he slides his hands down onto my ass.

“Jason!” I yell, shocked at what he had just done and what had come out of his mouth. I push him back and quickly walk out of the restricting space and into the sight of others. Others that can be witnesses, if he tries something again. What just happened? I have to tell Violet. What if he tells her first and changes the story against me? Then when I tell her, she doesn’t believe me. I don’t turn around until I reach the textiles room.

I reach the classroom without realising. I was too busy thinking about what my best friend’s boyfriend just did. Why would he do that to her? And me? Wouldn`t he realise that her best friend wouldn’t go along? “You okay Jess?” a familiar voice asks. I look up and meet Mr Jacobs` eyes, causing my mood to rise instantly.

“Yeah, just thinking. Thanks for asking” I reply, trying to be casual so he won`t ask any more questions. I don’t really feel like talking about what just happened.

“No problem, as long as you’re okay, though,” he states concerned. Ahh, he cares.

“Yep, I`m good,” I say a bit more cheery this time. You can thank him for that.

He gives me a smile then walks into the room. I follow close behind feeling safe in his presence. I get out my job and start on it. It`s a whirly gig. It`s just a simple bird getting a drink. I`ve got it all together and working. I just have to paint it. The bird's going to look like Tweety Bird and the bowl that it drinks out of is going to be red with blue on top; portraying the water. “Want some help, Jess,” Mr Jacobs asks beside me as I finished setting up the paint and took my seat.

“Yes please.”

“Want me to paint the water bowl?”

“Yeah thanks, that would be a lot of help,.” I tell him truthfully. He takes a seat right beside me, so close that our arms are brushing against each other.

I pass him the bowl and he takes a hold of it and examines it. “You did a good job,” he praises with a nod.

“Thank you, so don’t muck it up okay?” I laugh.

“Haha I`ll try, can`t promise anything though.”

“Otherwise you`ll have to do it all over again, so keep that in mind,” I joke. He laughs and nods in response with one of his sexy smiles. We sit and talk while still painting for the rest of the lesson. I enjoyed it so much that I almost forgot all about the whole Jason thing. But of course it can`t stay away for long even with the presence of sir.

When the bell rings, I`m disappointed for various reasons. One, I have to get up from sitting next to the sexiest man I`ve ever met. Two, I have to face Violet and tell her what happened. If a can pry off Jason, it`ll break her heart when I tell her, and she`s been hurt enough already because of guys. I head through my path again, the one that now makes me feel uncomfortable because of him. I make it half way through and… there he is, walking towards me from the other opening, Jason. Hoping he would just walk past me, I attempted to avert his gaze until he grabbed my arm that is, not roughly but enough for me to stop walking.

“What now?” I half yell at him, as I yank my arm from his grasp and take a step back, putting a few feet between us. I`m not scared of him or intimidated. He sickens me to be honest.

“I just wanted to apologise. I don’t know what got into me. Just please don`t tell Violet. I don’t want to hurt her,” he pleads, what an idiot.

“Yeah well it`s a bit late for that isn’t it?” I retort angrily with my arms crossed over my chest.

“Please, just do it for Violet,” he begs, making his way over to me slowly.

“Jason. Don`t move,” I order him. He listens and stands still. Should I keep it from Violet? No, she`d hate me if she found out from someone else and knew that I knew. Well wouldn`t that be better than her being hurt without a doubt straight away? Only we know what happened, so if we keep it to ourselves she won`t find out.

“Fine, I won`t tell her what happened as long as you don’t touch me ever again. Or look at me without a proper reason. Got it?” I can`t believe I just did that. She`ll never know if we don’t tell her; I`m being a good friend by not hurting her. Right?

“Thank you, Jess, I promise I won`t ever touch or check you out ever again,” he claims.

“You better not,” with that I walk past him, making sure that I don`t touch him. I meant what I said, I don’t want him to ever touch or check me out again. He was one of my best friends an hour ago, now I hate his guts for what he did to Violet. I quickly walk away from him and towards my next class; geography.

When I feel like I`m far enough away, I slow down my pace, stalling, having to be in the same class, let alone right next to Violet. My best friend that I will be technically lying to. Should I tell her? No, it`s better this way. When I reach the steps that lead to the classroom, I stand for a few moments debating if I`ll tell her or not. Okay let`s go Jessica you can`t stand here all day. I can try. No you`re not; just get in there. Okay.

I walk through the door and sit opposite Violet, who gives me a curious look as to why I didn’t choose the vacant seat next to her. I try to act oblivious to her stare; I dare a glance in her direction after a minute or so and see her facing the front; watching a video that’s playing on the smart board. She looks so happy, so peaceful and content. I can`t tell her, I just can`t; especially because I`m part of the problem.

When the class ends, it's lunch. Jason and Violet take their seats on our corner. I choose to sit with the other girls at the table for today, I think I would act no different and make it obvious that something is wrong, or happened between me and Jason. “Jess, what are you doin?” Violet asks looking confused at my decision.

“Just feel like sitting here, that`s all,” I return casually.

“You okay Jess?” she asks now concerned. Crap she`s going to start asking questions now.

Yeah just tired that`s all,” Well that wasn’t all a lie. I can`t wait till the end of the day, only two more periods and then it`s a half hour bus ride to my house. Then I can just sit down and relax home alone till Mum gets back from work an hour later.

I sit and chat with the girls for the rest of the forty minutes, then head off to double music. Jason thankfully isn’t in that class; just me and Violet. We have a great time laughing and talking while I play the Bass and she plays the acoustic. When the bell rings, I let out a dramatic sigh with a smile. Finally, the school day is over.

Violet and I sit on the bus together, me on the window. “Can I talk to you about something?” she asks. Worried at what is disturbing her I say, “Of course, anytime, anywhere, and anything, you know that.”

“Well, I don’t know if Jason likes me anymore, he was acting really weird at lunch and at recess he only kissed me on the forehead. Have I done something wrong?” she says in a hurry.

“Of course not Vie, maybe he`s… just not in the mood, maybe he`s sick and doesn’t want to give it to you. He does like you Vie, there is no reason for him to be acting weird.” Yeah none that she knows of, unlike me.

Written by Countrygall62
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