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One step from angel to deamon

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Published 1 year ago

How can we forget our lost love? Why forget them? They are the ones who grew us up, they are the ones who destroyed us, they are also the ones who abandoned us in the countless shipwrecks of our hearts.

Why chain ourselves to the risk of breaking every link with every sigh, every desire?

They met, they loved each other from a distance, fled, got together, hugged each other, gave each other their long-awaited first kiss, loved each other again and again, weaved each other to the inexhaustible source of envy, carnal desire, separated, tore...

Passion devouring, burning, devastating...

Why did she follow him in his deepest delusions? Why did she give him more importance than he deserves? Why did she allow her heart to stifle her reason? He turned out to be a character devoid of feelings, morality, thirsty for fresh and gullible flesh, Which was not very difficult, she waited so long. This stranger with an easy verb, a charming smile, white teeth, bewitching perfume, elegant manners, romantic seducer as a god... But it doesn't matter, she's crazy about him and she believes hard as iron that he too loves her, so anything he can say or do will be forgiven from him right away.

He had taken a room in a typical Italian shelter, in the room was a rustic bed a cupboard and a small table, a lamp on the bedside table sent back a low light that hinted at the muscular and slender body of this man who was approaching her with great strides, she just had time to drop her suitcase that she found herself in her arms.

Him: I don't want to wait any longer...

She: Uh...

Without giving her time to say a word, he put a hand around her waist and drew her to lay a first kiss as if to taste his long-awaited lips, their tongues mingled in an endless dance more and more punctuated by their rising desire. He lifted her up and there laid on the table, she passed her legs around his waist without ever leaving his lips, they pulled out brutally and fiercely their clothes like two beings thirsty for each other... all night long. They devoured each other for four days as nothing but this carnal desire, existed  

He has not been dead hand with it, once the phase of mass seduction ends, the nightmare begins and a new character has surfaced and unveiled a lying, vile, manipulative, perverse being.

Deep down, she suspected the existence of this infamous being, but she wanted to believe in the love she had seen born and grow with him in such a short time. She wanted to believe that a man could be disinterested, she wanted to believe that even men could love. She wanted to believe... she wanted to believe... that she was important to the one man who made her a real woman for a stay as unforgettable as it was memorable that they both had to live. But then what has changed? What made her no longer have a place in his life? Did she ever get it? She will probably never know and even if he came back he will find her so sad, so hurt, so bitter that her indifference to him will have the effect of a black hole that would engulf him all his life



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