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Any Other Day

The morning was no different
Still very much the same
Nothing unusual
Not a thing out of place

I awoke with the buzzer
Which gifted me an hour
And trudged down the hallway
To my usual morning shower

The mirror displayed
the very same face
And those extra twenty pounds
that would not go away

The cereal was sweet
And the milk was warm
Not a thing about the day
Seemed out of the norm

The trek to work
Was boring at best
Traffic was twisted
And my husband was vexed

Cursing and complaints
Filled the car and my ears
Just like every week day
For the last two years

And he growled and yelled
That we should move away
And I nodded and agreed
As I did everyday

Then we turned onto Boulder Street
And our normal turned to not
The sky was reddening
The streets were blackening
Our car began to grow hot

Terror gripped the faces of pedestrians
And fellow car riders alike
As ash fell down like dark grey snow
From a fire that burned in the sky

I turned to my husband and he stared ahead
Mesmerized by the horrid scene
I wanted to speak but the words would not come
As the terror had also gripped me

We sat back in stunned and silent shock
As we watched a picture unfold
As two magnificent objects appeared from the clouds
Which looked like two discs of gold

The sounds outside were other worldly
No cries as one would think
There was simply silence and then a boom
That caused the whole ground to quake

It was then that the horrible screams began
And the pedestrians began to flee
Into the stores and buildings that lined
The busy downtown street

We tried to remove ourselves from our belts
But our nervous hands wouldn’t comply
And we found ourselves mirroring
the paralyzed expressions
Of the other riders who sat nearby

The ground quaked and cracked and crumbled
Smoke began to rise
In big white billows from the massive fissures
That were threatening to eat us alive

Oh how I envied the walkers I’d seen
Run to safety mere minutes before
We were in danger of being swallowed
As they cowered in the safety of the stores

All at once we found our voices
And began to pray and scream
The morning sky had turned to night
But for two brilliant white blue beams

Which flashed from the discs
to the stalling cars which sat a mile ahead
Beaming some occupants into their crafts
And zapping the other ones dead

We watched in horror, my husband and I
As we knew our unfortunate fate
And we began to repent for each of our sins
Before closing our eyes to wait

When all of a sudden we heard a loud whir
Then a deafening, eerie blare
And we looked up to find
that the sky was lightening
And that the discs were no longer there

We looked at each other and then around
At the destruction that muddied our sight
Bloodied cars and cracking streets
sat before our very eyes

But were alive, yes, very alive
and our bodies were still intact
And we gave thanks that we had
survived the nefarious attack

The smoke began to dissipate
The grey began to leave
Holes of blue sky began to appear
And the sun had begun to peek

The walkers reluctantly stepped from the shops
Fear and shock filling their eyes
Staring from west to east for a glimpse
Of the fire that had burned the skies

But there was nothing out of the ordinary
New eyes would have guessed an earthquake
But we all knew the truth of the Hell
that began just like any other day

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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