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If I should find space in your memoryonce the seconds have drained from my timeI pray I'm remembered just as I wasI hope I'm not placed too highNot keen on leaving a saintly reputeeven saints have sinned in their heartsDon't think the bad or the good of m...

I know why the sky rolls on the edge of New OrleansThe blue billows like the waves of PontchartrainAngry waves, fervent ones, rise like dead from turquoise gravesCollapsing clouds with the force of hurricanesEve's approaching; rush, rush rushMust make arr...

She Buried Three

a woman's struggle with the loss of several children and her longing to be a mother

Mother tried her very best to tote my bones with care And sustain me with bread and good intentions, it was all that she could afford. She worried with each passing minute that my muscles were wasting away That my heart was not beating at its fullest stre...