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She really knows what it's like

Tags: survivor, hope

A poem about a rape survivor, based on a song about horror.

She Really Knows What It’s Like

By Captain Midnight

Adapted from the song “What It’s Like,” composer unknown, performed by Everlast

The story of one woman‘s survival. Rated EC for extremely violent, disturbing images.


(Verse 1)

(Name deleted) was a nice young lady

Ran a good business

In her town.

People stopped by and

Visited whenever

They felt down.

She was lovely, lively,

Full of what we used

To call “Spunk.”

But one terrible day

She was attacked

By a gang and its leading punk.

The horrors they did to her

Would leave bloodstains

On the walls.

More than one of her friends

Would have hunted those men

And cut off their collective


But it took second place

To their worry

As she lay in a hospital bed,

With machines and meds

Keeping her from dropping

Into the abyss of the dead.

 (Chorus 1)

They really knew

What it was like

To hear the news …

Then they really knew

What it was like

To sing the blues.

(Verse 2)

Slowly she improved,

Taken from

The critical ranks.

And her friends

Who followed the news

Breathed sighs of thanks.

But they all knew

She’d been pierced …

Her body by men and knives

And her soul

With something more fierce.

 (Chorus 2)

 For no person outside

Can truly feel the pain …

Suffering alongside her

Would not help her gain.

How can people know what it’s like?

How can people know what it’s like?

 (Verse 3)

She withdrew, for good reason,

From the eyes

Of most of the world,

The police knew of the gang

But the flag of

Justice lay furled,

Until one day

A man came to her with

His hat figuratively in his hand,

In halting tones he described

How he had

Been part of that band

Who had hurt her;

He told of his part

In this heinous crime,

 And for her sake,

For justice and truth,

He would serve

His prison time.

He was good as his word;

The leader of the gang

Was safely

Locked away;

And all that he wished

From her

For the price

He would pay;

Was that she would

Hate him no more,

And that he could feel

Her forgiveness

As he walked out the door.

Then he really knew

What it was like

To feel the pain.

Then he really knew

What it was like

To hurt

For petty gain.

 (Chorus 3)

And she now lives her life

Much more circumspect

Than she did before,

Not friending people

Who would call her

A stripper

Or a whore.

But she works

And she smiles and she talks

To the friends

She feels are true,

(Chorus 3)

And now she thinks again

About the sky

Turning happiness blue.

She really knows

What it’s like …

She really knows what it’s like.

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