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A Vampire's Lullaby Chapter 11

This chapter is part of the deciding factor.

Vampires Lullaby Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Countdown to Death

I did as Vladimir told me, scooping Alex into my arms. Vladimir was quite far away, protecting his human relative. I had to find a way to get Alex somewhere safe.

"Vladimir. Hurry!"

I managed to weave a path, Vladimir close behind with Alex’s father.

"Mars. Over there."

Vladimir pointed to a small shack.

"You’re not going anywhere. My first creation."

A man with long brown hair and the man with green hair who tossed Alex’s body stood in our way.

"Vladimir. It’s time to end this."

I handed Alex to his father, "Stay here and watch over your son."

I walked away and heard Daniel’s voice, "Be careful. Both of you."

I continued walking, thinking of my love for Alex and how I wasn’t going to die yet.

"We will. We’ll come back alive."

Only nine hours. Nine hours to finish this. The countdown started now.

Only two hours in and already several bodies had fallen. The Hunters laced their bullets and arrows in holy water. Taylor had already offed at least twenty rogues, Luka backing her up. Bodies from both sides littered the ground and adorned nearby tombstones. Necks were sliced, others were twisted to the point of breaking. Intestines were wrenched from some of the Hunters’ bodies, as were their bodies snapped in half or their hearts ripped out of their chest. Blood pooled from the numerous bodies, mixing together, large puddles formed, making the ground slick.

Decapitated arms and legs lay twitching for mere seconds. Taylor and Luka kept tearing the rogues apart. Luka’s weapon of choice was a curved knife with a blessed crucifix embedded in the hilt. Taylor’s weapon was a Japanese katana and an ornamental fan with blades.

"Mr. Luka, they keep coming!"

Luka thrust his knife into a rogue vamps’ heart, "I know. We need to end this quickly."

He slashed another, and then pulled Taylor out of the way, cutting off the head of another rogue.

"Hunters! Vladimir’s group! End your opponent quickly. Do not hesitate."

Luka’s voice rang strong and true, encouraging everyone. More and more fell on both sides.

"Taylor. Help me clear a path. We’re going after Mars and Vladimir."


Vladimir squared off against Legend, and Mars went against Seeker.

"You don’t honestly believe you can stop me. Not when I can control you, Vladimir."

Vladimir rushed at Legend, aiming a stake at his creator's heart.

"You shall pay for what you have done to me, my son and Alex. My entire family has suffered due to your selfishness!"

The two ancient vampires clashed repeatedly, cutting each other’s flesh. Mars and Seeker had started to clash as well. Daniel, still wrapped in a blanket, held his sons’ battered, sleeping body, running his hands through his offspring’s hair.

"If you are my son, then wake up. You are a vampire, the same as them."

Daniel cradled his son as if Alex had reverted to a small child.

"Save our city."

Three hours until sunrise.

The fight continued on, neither side budging an inch.

Three hours until both would retreat back into the darkness.

Three hours...until the deciding factor, and the fate of all.

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