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Hybrid Theory part 4

Hybrid Theory part 4

Fair exchange is no robbery

I don't know who originally said this but it is what I live by: "Fair exchange is no robbery." From the moment I first heard that quoted, I knew I would live by it for the rest of my life. I bet you're wondering how this deals with my story. Well, you're about to find out.

Heading Alexis I realized we were heading to the gym room. Which meant the one class I dreaded the most: P.E. What made it sad was that he loved P.E. but he couldn't go all out when he was in class. The whole being a werewolf thing gave him a huge physical advantage over most creature, human and non-human alike. Making a quick detour to the locker room, to change into his gym uniform, he made it to class just as the bell rang. Glancing around he noticed his pack was in the gym, which raised a lot of questions. The football coach, and P.E. teacher, Coach Anderson came storing out of his office just then carrying his usual clipboard. Giving the class a quick look around he marked everyone present before heading back to his office. Halfway there he stopped and turned back to us.

"For the first half hour of gym the 'paranormal students' will sit out while everyone else do regular warm-ups and spar. For the second part of the other students will do the same, but you will have a new teacher to make sure you are actually putting in an effort, now get started." Turning on his heels he went back into his office. For a moment everyone just stared at each other, then the humans started getting up to do their assignment. Which left me, Fade, Amber, Jack, Erica, Andrew, Jade and Jamie, my pack, sitting there waiting for our turn to go.

To be honest, sitting there while the humans ran was like standing naked in the middle of a crowd. Every few seconds someone would look at us like we were on display at the zoo. But mostly I was not paying attention to them; only one person had my attention, Alexis. I couldn't help watch her as she warmed-up and sparred. She stood at 4'11", and had black hair (for now) that came down her back, soft black eyes (mesmerizing), and a smile that made any boy, teen, or man want to protect her with his life. Everything about her screamed cute and innocent, but she always denied it every time someone told her.

'Jaden, we all know you're in love with her but dude your starting to get creepy'

It took him a few seconds to realize that Jamie just read his thoughts. Yeah, a plus and minus of being a wolf is that you can share thoughts with your pack, comes in handing when trying to communicate in wolf form, even when you don't want to.

'Hey, there is a thing called privacy in your own mind. And I'm not getting creepy, I can't like the way my girlfriend looks?'

'Dude, you went a little too descriptive to be considered not creepy' replied Jack, hiding a smile as he watched the others.

Before I could reply the coach came out of his office with a lady fallowing behind him.

"Class, I would like to introduce Ms. Garner. She will be teaching the other students for the rest of the school year. Now switch and get ready."

As the coach closed his office door I got up and started warm up while thinking about 'Ms.Garner', or should I say my cousin Micah. She was only a few years older than me, but we always had a love-hate relationship, but mostly love. And she was the most human out of all of us, because she was a seer with the unique ability to see small parts of the past and future, but it was a limited ability.

Seeing as one of her abilities measured what we were capable of she made us run laps at our regular speed, to the humans we looked liked we were blurs as we ran. Micah had us lift weights and finally spar; by time class ended we were actually sweating. The humans were staring at us with open mouths and huge eyes — all except Alexis, who was smiling.

Quickly going to the locker room to change and head home, I knew my cousin would come over tonight. Meeting the pack and Alexis in front of the gym we heading to my house, talking about our day. Like every other time we walked to my house, we took a shortcut through the forest.

As we reached a clearing I stopped as I put my hand in front of Alexis, stopping her as the others formed a protective circle around her. Coming into the clearing were twelve vampires, and they were hungry. I stepped forward, looking for their leader.

"You are in The Knightmare Pack territory without permission, and hunting innocents. Leave now before we report your presence to our Alpha," I said, hoping they focused on me and not the only human around.

A lean boy stepped up to me, at least three inches shorter then my 6'3" frame. He glared at me and hissed, and I laughed. He had to be a new vampire, because no vampire I knew would ever lower themselves to hissing, maybe they have been watching too much Twilight. The vampire hit me, sending me flying into a tree, as I laughed.

"Know your place pup. I was going to leave you and your litter alone and just take the girl. But I now see that I'm going to show your where your place is."

I stood up and slowly whipped the dirt off my clothes. The vampires crouched down ready to swarm me, and I was prepared. Running toward them I shifted into my wolf, meeting them head on. 'Make sure she doesn't see what happens next' I sent to my pack as I started ripping and shredding my way through the vampires. It took all of three minutes to disperse the vamps and in that time I knew I changed in the eyes of the one I love. I looked at her, waiting to see the horror in her eyes, waiting to hear her scream and run away. But all she did was walk to me and start petting my head. She smiled at me and whispered in my ear, "I think I can get used to having a wolf for a boyfriend."

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