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Anonymous 1 year ago

Broken Castle

Respect is the smallest gift we can bestow to our loved ones.

We shrieked. We brawled. We lamented. Our relationship which was meant to be a sacred sign of affection suddenly got reduced to abuse and combat. Somewhere it broke me apart. Getting respect, dignity and confidence seemed far away beyond my reach. H...

redwriter 2 years ago

Wishing For Home - Chapter One - School trouble

Danny Rogan finds being in an unfamiliar school hard to take

Danny Rogan, nine years and three months old, was sick of his life. Facing his second fight in a week, he wanted to be somewhere else. Anywhere else, as long as it was home. Games were stopping around the village schoolyard, as boys, and a few girls ed...

Fredrock 3 years ago


A rude awakening

Todd awoke on his back in a puddle of beer and broken glass with his ears ringing and his vision blurred. He laid still, watched the ceiling fan spin lazily without seeing it, and thought about nothing. A few seconds passed and he sat up. He closed his...

Anonymous 5 years ago

I would

Something because I been writing depressing stuff and that's no fun.

Let it not be unsaidThat if I loved you,and you truly loved me.Then something were to happen.There's always that phrase:I would die for you.Take a bullet for you.Take the hit for you.I would not, but don't be quick...

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Anointant 6 years ago

Begend: Chapter 7

An underground castle, a floating lake, a flaming river, and a snowfield that rains avalanches?

Sunny passed through the wall and stepped into the portal room of Undelumi Castle. It was a simple room with only a floor mirror at its center. The mirror had a thick wooden frame and along it was the carvings of gnomes and precious gems. Though it appear...

Anointant 6 years ago

Begend: Chapter 6

Nurse Joy, stop lifting up your dress! I can see your pantie!

Richard and Sunny climbed the stairs from basement 10, but as the stairway was choked full of rubbles from basement 7 to basement 4, they had to stop for Sunny to restore the place. Snapping his fingers, Sunny powdered the rubbles into sand and cemented i...

Anointant 6 years ago

Begend: Chapter 5

The avalanche is coming! Get in my barrier now!

As she tightened the blue scarf around her neck, Ata wrestled the words out of her mouth. “Isn’t he Element Artist?” There was no reply coming, but Ata understood the implicit confirmation from the stern faces of her teammates. “Gor, the o...

Anointant 6 years ago

Begend: Chapter 4

You want me to read his mind? Argh!

In the mind of Sunny, uncountable fibers of his consciousness wriggled out and stitched into the mind of Borrit. Rapidly, these fibers spun themselves into yarns and the yarns twisted themselves into strands. There were now three strands and each twisted...