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In the Cemetery. Part 6

Two weeks later he sat in the office of the most prestigious and knowledgeable coin collectors in the state. It took almost three hours to reach this destination using public transportation. The man masked his surprise at meeting a teenager and not a fellow collector.

He politely asked to see what it was he had brought in while he prayed it was not another kid with some old and worthless coins.Vince carefully unwrapped it and placed it on the table as the man donned white cotton gloves. The male adjusted his spectacles and when he saw the coin he let out a soft "Oh my."

He swung his magnifying lamp over the coin and switched it. He turned it over a few times and again uttered "Oh my," at least a dozen more times.

"Young man, where did you get this coin?"

I found it while scavenging in an old cemetery," Vince lied.

"Do you have any idea of its worth?"

"Not really."

"This is a 1907 $20 Double Eagle Dollar. A Saint Gauden Gold Piece minded in Philadelphia." 

"Is it rare?"

"It is very rare, Do you wish to sell it?"


He made Vince and offer and he almost fell out of his chair when he heard the price.

"I'll take it."

"You know it would fetch much more at auction," the male told him.

"Yes, I know, but I am strapped for cash so I will not worry."

The man buzzed his assistant who came in and she was instructed to make out a check for the amount he quoted and then carefully placed the coin into a velvet holder. The assistance returned and handed the check to the man behind the desk you in turn handed it to Vincent.

"If you run across any other coins don't forget to let me know."

"I promise."

The man then buzzed his assistant again and instructed her to summon the limo to transport this young man home. As soon as he got home he called the chimney sweep company and made an appointment for them to come out as soon as possible. He then rode his bike to the local garden supply center and purchased a top-of-the line portable weed whacker and placed it in layaway.

Vince received a phone call one Evening from Mr. Thames. He asked to see Vince after school tomorrow. So Vince went to city hall and met with Mr Thames. The elderly man thanked him for all the time and energy he spent fixing up the place.

"This is for you," as he handed Vince a large envelope.

"What is this?

Everything about the cemetery, landowners, tiles holders the whole kit and caboodle.

Vince asked about lighting a fire in the fireplace and showed him the certificate of inspection and cleaning. Mr. Thames said there should be no problem. Then Vince asked the big question.

"Do you think the city would allow me to live there?"

"I don't see why not, but Vince why there?"

"I like it there."

"You're not looking for the treasure are you?"


"Yes, one of the oldest and longest lasting legends is that there is a fortune hidden there."

"Has anyone ever looked for it?

"Of course, but they wasted their time and money, one treasure seeker even claimed that he saw a ghost."

"A ghost?"

"Yes, now don't waste your time hunting for something that doesn't exist," he then added that he would approach the counsel with his request at the next meeting.

Vince thanked him and departed then peddled to the cemetery as fast as he could. Once safely inside the cottage he called Alexandra's name out loud, and in less than a heartbeat she appeared.

"Is there treasure hidden here?"

"That's the rumor?"

"You mean you don't know."

"Vincent my love, I don't know everything."

"Since I found that coin by the Di Winter crypt I wonder if there is more there?"

"You never know."

Fall turned into Winter and Vince had to limit his time working outside due to the weather. He satisfied himself by lighting a fire and pouring over the documents Mr. Thames had given him and reading all the information in the file drawers.Alexandra joined him whenever he was there. The city erected a new no trespassing sign on the front gate and swore full prosecution to anyone caught violating this rule.

He spent a great deal of time at the library and soon learned how to deposit the money from the sale of the gold coin into a Swiss Bank account. The Christmas break arrived and Vince was able to spend his days there as the sunlight was warming.

It happened on Evening while he was returning to the cottage. He felt a sharp blow to the head and he fell to the ground. He was kicked and punched repeatedly and when he attempted to kick back at his attackers he was hit across the head again. He managed to crawl to the doors of the first structure he came to. He realized that he didn't have his keys as they must have fallen off his belt.

Right before he lost consciousness he managed to whisper, "Alexandra help me."

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