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Treasure Stories


Room 15

A metal detector finds the key to a room in an abandoned hotel. Should it be investigated?

As the wind carved its way swiftly across the sand and rocks of the Wirral side of the River Dee, seagulls tried desperately to maintain some sort of stability as they circled in the air, and a few dogs that were out still played and jumped around as thou...


A string of wooden beads

I always believe if everyone does a good deed, bit by bit, we can make a harmonious world.

A temple stood in the center of a huge lake, which was stretched to the horizon.   The scenery was so beautiful and peaceful. A great master and his twenty junior monks lived together and cultivated the wisdom of Buddha in harmony. Hearsay a precious stri...

Let's Play Pirates

A different kind of pirate poem

“Let’s Play Pirates” “Arrr! Ya scallywag. Whot be ye up to?” (Hi Pete! How’s it going?) “Avast ye mate! We set sail fer the Spanish Main.” (You wanna play pirates?) “Here be me boat matey. Ship shape she is and ready ta sail the seven seas.” (Like the raf...

Vince stayed on the floor and watched as the large war Axe swung down. When it stopped moving, he stood up and managed to squeeze himself between it and the frame. His powerful flashlight illuminated the mechanism on the back of the old wooden door that a...

Two weeks later he sat in the office of the most prestigious and knowledgeable coin collectors in the state. It took almost three hours to reach this destination using public transportation. The man masked his surprise at meeting a teenager and not a fell...

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The Twins Part 3

The demons spend time with their friends the gypsies. Husky has a few flashbacks.

The room was cold and dark, as her back pressed against the wall. Husky, the mischievous little girl had come to this end. She had tunnel vision, as she stared at the boy who held a knife at her throat. He shouted at a younger boy, who cried and pounded h...

The Twins Part 2

The trio of demons continue eastward encountering more little skirmishes and friends.

The road to China was long and fraught with danger. Several large mountain ranges blocked the road causing it to go around the base of the mountains. These detours extended the trip by many days, but the demons cared little about time. The road wound thro...

Misty was a writer; and she wrote horror. She was an expert on the subject, even though Misty never wrote a ghost story, surprisingly. One day she decided to write one, but could not think of anything to write about. Misty decided to write about one of th...

The Old Plantation

Two teenagers try to find lost treasure using an old treasure map

The big house on the hill sat empty, it had been that way since the civil war. We live in Virginia; my stepfather’s family owns many acres of land. Our little house sits in the holler, and I mean tiny compared to the mansion that sits in view of our front...