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In the Cemetery Part 8

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Vince remained hospitalized for one month before he was released. The police interviewed him about the attack a week later when the Doctor believed that he was strong enough to answer questions. The detective appeared as concerned as much as his profession allowed

"So, were you alone that night?"


"The emergency center got a call saying a man was being beaten in the cemetery, and the caller sounded female."

"Maybe one of the ghosts called it in."

"Well at least your sense of humor is intact.".

Then his face took on a serious look.

"Do you think your attackers attend your school?"

"I wouldn't be surprised."

"Are you willing to press charges."


Vince was sent home in late December, he had missed Christmas so his homecoming was exciting. His parents had not touched the presents under the tree and waited until Vince was home. He dug out the presents he had hidden for them and they enjoyed a late Christmas.

He had been placed on total bed rest by his Doctor as Vince had suffered a severe concussion. The kicks to his face resulted in one eye being swollen shut, and the kicks to the body when he was on the ground resulted in a cracked sternum and some ribs.

Mr. Thames visited him a few times and informed him that the city would provide a lawyer free of charge when the subjects were apprehended and taken to trial. His employer called to say his job would be waiting when his Doctor allowed him to return to work

Now there were a new hurtles. The medical bills starting to pile up, oh Vince had more than enough money to cover them and all he had to do was have the money transferred. Then there was the whole matter of telling his parents of just how much he was worth. He would until he felt stronger to address that issue.

He spent his days reading or watching TV until is eyes began to hurt. He was permitted to move around the house a little so his parents did not have to miss work to wait on him as he was able to do a lot for himself. Alone in his room at night he replayed the attack over in his head a dozen times and what had happened afterwards. He missed going to the cemetery, but mostly he missed Alexandra.

In his morphine induced sleep while in the hospital he touched, held, kissed and made love to her and he knew that was a once in a lifetime experience. Just talking with her on a daily basis would be enough to make him happy.

So laying in his room one night he decided to conduct an experiment. He made sure his door was closed tight and it was late enough that his parent were sound asleep. He doused all the lights so his room was very dark save for whatever light was coming in through his window from the streetlights and the Moon's glow. He raised up his hospital bed and then called Alexandra's name. She appeared in less than a second.

"How are you beloved?," she questioned.

"You came."

"You called me, and here I was beginning to think that you had forgotten about me."

"I missed you and wanted to see you."

"I have missed you also."

"I have a question for you."

"Pray, ask it then."

"Did all that I think happened, really happen?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I saw Di Winters spirit. He let me into the mausoleum to keep me safe and later he told me where to find the treasure in the form of a poem."

"Are you sure that you didn't let yourself in and read the clues in all your research?"

"Why are you questioning me?"

"Because you are questioning yourself."

"Will you help me find it?"

"Vincent my love, you have but to ask."

The police came to his house about two weeks into the new year and informed him that they had arrested the suspects. It seems they had received a tip that one of the males had been bragging to some friends about beating up that weird guy that hangs out in a cemetery. The male was brought in for questioning and with a little encouragement he gave up his friends.

They all faced assault, trespassing and curfew violation charges and suite was filed against the three teens. The father of the leader of the group told the other parents not to worry as he had a great lawyer that would represent all three of the accused for free as a favor to him.

When the father's great lawyer friend discovered that the attorney for the plaintiff was the former D.A. he advised his friend to have his son and his friends plead guilty or find another lawyer. The families of the youths were sued for the cost of Vince's hospital stay and loss of income.

All three of suspects plead guilty and received maximum probation. The leader received time in juvenile hall as he had orchestrated the event and contempt of court when he threatened the judge.

Vince was finally allowed to return school to complete his senior year at the end of January.

Written by The_Count
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