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Recovery Stories


Now and Forever

She no longer just needed her best friend—she wanted him, as a man, and wanted him now and forever

Now and Forever: a love story The dream was back--so were the eyes. They hovered in an angry sky just above the horizon, seeing everything but focusing on nothing. Amy knew those eyes—knew a time when they’d been filled with happiness and a love of life....

Caitlin's Time - The Beginning

From tragedy comes hope reborn, and Caitlin makes powerful friends

Gordon Curzon was a veteran of many fierce commercial negotiations and boardroom battles.  He was at ease with heads of state, and finance ministers, and held in very high esteem by corporate bankers and lawyers.  He was a decisive and confidant man.  He...

Middle finger to the cafe window (teaser)

This is a teaser to the real piece, i just grabbed a tiny fraction from the middle, hope you enjoy

Middle finger to the cafe window (teaser) You are like an orgasm; I have my eyes shut just thinking about you My friends said I had that Monalisa smile when I was speaking about you You had that heaven sent heaven scent When you whispered my name, I heard...

Lending Fate a Hand

Such a beautiful smile for such a sad girl, I'm sorry this happened to you.

Where was he? Nothing looked familiar to him. He was in a white room and it was empty. People were yelling around him but he didn't see anyone. Someone was running past him and felt air rush by his face. Reaching up, he touched his face and pulled his han...

Fallen Angel

This is personal but dedicated to all the women who have been in abusive situations.

Angel with robes of whiteAnd ever so pure at heartYour beauty is givenCompletely free of chargeYes, angels are majesticCompletely worthy of aweThe angel with the most Beauty is the angel GodHolds in his armsNo, God doesn’t love herAny more or any less tha...


Now the hard work starts....

Glad to hear you're home with your family, After a week stuck in hospital.But, just because you're home Doesn't mean your life goes back to normal. Now is when your hard work starts. Pain, Physiotherapy, rest then repeat. Then add playing with the kids,An...

Although he did not know it It was the rise and fall of this poet. Words are a universal language all by itself It could take you to heaven, or bring you down to hell. Words are like rivers, streams and oceans Moving freely with emotion. The slightest rip...

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Should have been mine

To my love that was never meant to be.

I should have held you like a lifeline,  and I should have never let you go. But when I needed saving. I always did it on my own! Slipping from my hands, now I feel all alone. You turned your back on me, how could you be oh so cold! I would've been yours,...


Light shined brightly into my face, disrupting my peaceful sleep. Funny… I thought this was a windowless room. Opening my eyes just a crack, light flooded in, blinding me for a moment. I wince at the slight sting, my eyes squeezing shut. It faded away qui...

The Journey

How some very sad things that occurred turned into the adventure of a lifetime.

As I stand on the curb at the airport, awaiting my sister’s car to pull up and take me home, I reflect on the last 17 days and the adventure of a lifetime. And I thought about what had brought it all about. It all started about 18 months ago. In August of...