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Merlin's Tale - A Pair of Wolves

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Merlin finds his white wolf

Hello...My name is Ramos, a very old man and one full of tales. I have heard that you were asking about the wolves from the forest surrounding Palamar. Palamar used to be known as Camelot. That is a very old tale, I am so glad you wish to hear about my favorite beasts of the night. Well, let's see...

This is the story of Merlin, no not the one you have already heard so much about. The Merlin in this tale is a descendant and also a man of magic, but he was not the one with Arthur. As I said, Merlin was a man of magic and the mystic arts. Merlin was the first sorcerer that was his own 'familiar'. If you do not know, as you should, a 'familiar' is a creature from the spirit world that is an ally to a wizard. Now Merlin had decided to play that role himself. With a few simple words, simple to a wizard that is, Merlin was transported into the body of a wolf, a grey wolf. He was a very large animal and had a sizable cowl. Dark fur with grey accents. He was also the only wolf that I ever saw that had hazel eyes.

Another player in this tale is Niseianna. A Very beautiful princess from a distant land, whose father and mother were visiting Palamar. She was a petite lass of about 5 feet, long auburn hair and big brown eyes. Her smile was said to make the sunshine jealous. Flowers strained to see her as she passed, to study her beauty. Her eyes lit up any room that she entered.

As in any story of a medieval nature, there is always a villain and this tale has a doozie. His name is Demitre. The step-son of King Leo of Palamar. This was the reason that Niseianna's parents are here, looking to betroth their lovely daughter to this vile bully. Their kingdom is in need of the resources available with such a union. Of course the gentile princess wants no part of this, but is honor bound to her parents wishes.

One day Niseianna came to me with a story. She said, "Yesterday, I was out in the forest and saw a very large black wolf. His eyes were piercing and he seemed to be following me, but staying at a distance, as if watching over me."

I told her, "Sweet one, you should never venture into the forest around the kingdom alone. There are any nature of beasts that would gladly make you their next meal."

"Old friend, I am not concerned with my life, I would rather perish than spend my life afraid of the man I must marry. Please do not be worried for me, and tell me what you know of this wolf," said the Princess.

"I believe I know of the wolf that you speak, it is a sad story indeed. About a year ago, Demitre decided to get even with a wizard named Merlin. It seems, as would be expected, that Demitre has eyes for his step-father's crown, but doesn't want to wait for the king to pass. Merlin is very loyal to the king and has foiled several attempts by Demitre to bring the crown his way. Merlin has rejected the ways of his ancestors and practices his arts in the forest around the castle. Rather than be the castle wizard. he was working on a spell to transform himself into a wolf to help him travel the forest unnoticed. Demitre had gotten wind of this and decided to stop Merlin's interference once and for all. The evil prince found an old witch, one that was known to be jealous of Merlin's talents. For a price, the old woman told him of a way to get his revenge on the wizard. One night, while Merlin was working on the transformation spell, Demitre was waiting in the forest. Demitre worked the spell of the old witch and a terrible thing happened. Merlin's spell had worked, he had changed himself into a large black and grey wolf, but alas there was a catch to the spell this time. The spell of the evil witch had also done its part. Now, Merlin can only transform back into human form from sundown to sunrise during a full moon. The rest of the time, he must travel the forest as a wolf."

Niseianna replied, with a tear, "That is the saddest thing I have ever heard. Have you spoken with Merlin since the change?"

I told her that no one ever talks to him anymore, he has retreated from the people that need him the most. I continued, "He will never be whole again until he can find a perfectly white female wolf to take into his life. Then the spell will reverse and the nights when the moon is full will be the only time he must live as a wolf. "But," I said, with my eyes filling to overflow down my cheeks, “there isn't a solid white wolf anywhere around this land."

When she left me, she too was in tears. I didn't see her for a few days. When again I saw her, she told me the rest of the story. It seems she had waited until the next full moon and that day she went into the forest just before sunset. As usually happened, she saw the wolf through the trees. He watched for a time and then as the sun dipped out of sight, the wolf was gone. A short time later she realized that she was alone and it was dark. She had never seen the woods in the dark and she began to panic from fear and ran. No direction in mind, she ran deeper into the woods until she came to a very small clearance lit only by the light of the glowing moon. She fell to the ground and began to cry. Then out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a figure in the woods. A man dressed in black wearing a hooded cloak, he has long dark hair and a beard, both streaked grey. As he moved in her direction she froze. As he approached her she noticed his eyes, hazel and very sad. He picks her up and carries her to a tree stump at the edge of the clearing. While she watches, he builds a fire. Then he sits down next to her and rubs her knee, which until he had placed his hands on her, she didn't even see that she had cut it deeply. After he bandaged the wound, he sat down and let her lay back against him.

"Are you Merlin?" she asked him.

There was no reply.

"Ramos told me of your tale, I am so sorry," searching for something to say that might inspire him to break his silence.

But again he sat silently.

"Won't you talk to me, MUST you be so rude?"

Nothing. He then slipped away from her and started to return to the forest, and the comfort of the darkness.

"I have seen you watching me in the forest."

Finally he stopped and seemed to respond. Turning, he looked at her deeply and said, "Little girl, you know nothing. I feel for you, not myself."

"Why feel for me? I want for nothing. I am a princess, I do what I want," she shouted.

"I could not spend my life with one I do not cherish," was the Wizard's reply. He then turned to enter the woods again.

"Please do not leave me alone. I am very frightened." She began to cry.

He returned to her and lifted her into his arms. Looking deeply into her eyes, he then softly pressed his lips against hers and held her tightly. He carried her over to a soft patch of moss and lay down beside her. Their passion burned like the fire at their feet. The raw emotion overflowed as they shared their love for each other throughout the night. They fell into a deep sleep on the moss in each others arms.

She awoke with the sun in time to see a large black and grey wolf watching her from the edge of the forest. The beast then turned and entered the forest. In the distance she heard the barking of dogs and the calls of her parents. When they reached her, she told them that a stranger had helped her after she fell, and then returned to the forest.


Niseianna returned to the forest several times, but neither the wolf nor Merlin returned. We talked many times but I could do nothing to help her. After all, I am just an old story teller. She decided to do something to change her life. She searched until she found an old witch, paid the price for her magic, and returned to find her true love among the trees of the beautiful forest of Palamar. So anytime that you are in the forest, and you see a large grey and black wolf watching over and frolicking with a beautiful white wolf, tell them I miss them both.

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