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Rise and Fall ch 14

"Sweet dreams see you in the twilight zone~ Avantasia"

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The speed Dia flew down the roads was enough to satisfy even the most hardcore thrill junkies. Her heart hardly increased a beat; the white Camaro was decent enough, but by far isn't one of Grey's best in his arsenal of vehicles. If he had chosen one of his best cars, she would have reached her destination far sooner while the sun dropped lower in the horizon. Little doubt she was farther ahead from Grey, he could arrive within the next minute depending on the car he chose to chase her down in.

The sun just finished it's descent into twilight as Dia pulled up to the apartment complex Fatima lived, she almost decided to go home, but with Dark on the prowl, he would have discovered it by now and most likely decided to stay there in case she showed up. Eventually, she has to finally confront him, but tonight was not the night, she had to make sure her idiots didn't do anything overtly stupid to Fatima while she was gone.

With a sharp glance down at her blood stained clothing that seeped upon the beige seating. Grey will have to kill her for it later, as a couple walked from around the corner a block down. Dia, hunkered down, stepping from the car and quietly shut the door. She cursed that Grey didn't have any cars that were more conspicuous, but that was another thing to put off till later.

The couple was still far enough away that the blood stains would look like she was wearing a red shirt. If they peered into the car would be a different story, but there was nothing to fix it before they reached her position. She walked with quick enough steps that allowed her to not draw any attention. She made it into the dark alleyway safely, the shadows consuming her form into the looming darkness. A suitable camouflage for the moment as the couple waltzed passed in their own blissful cloud of ignorance.

Dia turned her attention to the side of the building pinpointing Fatima's window and the trajectory to scale up to it. Her face was briefly graced with a smile at the thought of walking through the inside of the building. She pondered a moment, and this neighborhood might just turn a blind eye and pretend it didn't happen. She still wouldn't risk being seen especially if Dark caught wind of it.

She hoisted herself up to the first window frame, effortlessly lifting herself up onto the tiny ledge of brick. Her breath scarce so that she could hang a few inches from the window to avoid smearing blood upon it. The grainy texture agitated her fingers, but she gritted her teeth and reached up to the next ledge. She got up to another window and came eye to eye with a young boy, who fell over at the sight of her. It didn't help that blood dripped from her face. His eyes grew wide and ran from the room calling for his mother. Dia scrambled to the next ledge which luckily was Fatima's window.

She glanced down, keeping an ear out. Footsteps drew closer as the boy described what he had just seen in his window. The window was still unlocked from Sarah's doing the other day; she slipped inside before the mother peeked out the window.

"Boy, if you keep tellin' them tall tales, no one ain't gonna believe a word you say!"

She sighed in relief, if they had seen her, she would have to cast a memory spell, and those were tricky enough before having to hang from a windowsill. Children's memories were trickier and riddled with fantasies; her image will be distorted long before Dark would come into contact with him if he ever did. That was irrelevant as Dia picked up different articles of clothing from Fatima's pile that the twins had left after ransacking her clothes. She blessed the demon for having mainly black clothing but cursed her for being a few sizes smaller. After a moment, she found things that will be accommodating her voluptuous figure enough to not be overtly revealing. Before leaving the room, she used a small black cami to wipe the excess blood from her face and hair. She recalled a conversation that Fatima was the only one who should be home, and she did have to work today. "I should have figured out how long it takes her to get home from her job," Dia told herself annoyed for letting one simple detail slip her mind.

She took a risk and stepped out into the hallway, discarding her shoes to keep the carpet from being stained. The apartment was still, the boys must have freaked out and run off in search for her. It was quite endearing, but she hated they worried so much when she had proven time and time again that she could take care of herself.

Upon reaching the opposite end of the hallway, she cast her gaze around the corner to she Fatima standing in the center of the room. Dia ducked back behind the wall, her mind running through a list of things to say if she was caught, and various ways to get to the bathroom unseen. Something, however, didn't seem quite right and she looked again.

The blonde stood unmoving, not even the slight sway of standing too still for too long. She was facing towards Dia, but a closer examination revealed her eyes were flat, unseeing as if she wasn't actually there in her head. Dia ran up to Fatima, forgetting she looked like a horror movie murder scene and peered into her friend's eyes. She knew without a doubt one of the boy's tried to take over, but she never imagined it would render the body comatose. She picked up the body, but it was stiff as a stone as she laid it upon the sofa.

She checked for a pulse, grasping the forearm, and prying it out. Rolling up the sleeve revealed black web-like streaks running the course of her arm. Dia tried to rub it off, but it reeked of demon magic and was actually contained within her veins. It was a self-defense mechanism that certain demon's used to keep from being exorcised or to keep the body they stole from being overcome by something else. It was a surprise Fatima even had that, but it was in her favor otherwise whoever took over would have free rein over her body right now.

Dia continued to check the pulse, it was weak but was still uniquely Fatima's signifying she was still inside. She didn't look the type to know how to navigate her mind when it got disconnected and probably got lost in the recesses of her own head. With a sigh and a quick glance at the time, she cast a spell that allowed her access into the demon's head.

A key of light formed in the palm of her hand and she held it to Fatima's temple to unlock it. Dia felt her consciousness slip inside. The scene before her was baffling, Steve was held tightly by strands of demon magic, holding each limb tightly and stretched to the verge of pulling him apart. Fatima stood before him, but a smoggy cloud surrounded her tightly. They didn't seem to notice the new presence who watched intently and approached silently.

Fatima's eyes were spaced out in a daze, the smog surrounding her seemed to have her under its control as well. The one drawback of the magic being able to manipulate the wielder instead of the poor soul who has it. This magic, however, felt like it had been pent up for an extremely long time and had no chance to corrupt Fatima's soul, until now.

"How tedious," She murmured, but the sound carried, and the magic sprung back to life, dropping Steve who fell into a crumpled heap, this energy caught him off guard enough for him to slip up and ended in his defeat. A stray strain picked him back up and threw him out of Fatima's head. Several jetted towards her, poised to strike straight through her, but with a flash they disintegrated. Her wings stretched out and curled around her as a shield. Her wings that should have burnt up on her long fall down to earth as every other angels' who had made the descent. Her feathers caught flame and retained it without burning. They were white and fluffy with the tips a lush blue, and the flames a pale silky pink. The demonic energy couldn't touch them without burning up.

The strands slithered back, retreating but still guarded as the smog drew in closer to Fatima suffocating her. Dia spat out a spell blasting holy light at it, with a shriek it seeped away from the blonde girl. Dia rushed up to her, "you're not going to take her that easily."

Fatima's eyes regained their focus and glanced at Dia, "Wh-what?" Dia merely guided Fatima back into control before casting a protection spell to keep the demonic energy from pulling her out; it hissed at the angel as she receded out of her friend's mind.

Dia regained her own consciousness and gazed upon Fatima full of concern. The magic corroding her veins melted back behind the seal it managed to escape. The girl groaned in pain; it must have hurt more than burning her hand with holy water did. "Just rest, okay?" Dia stroked her hair back.

"I smell blood," she retorted opening her eyes to a blurry world.

"Your senses are discombobulated, that is what happens when you've been cut off from your body for the first time, take it slow." Dia pushed her down as she tried to lean up. Fatima insisted as she struggled against the dizziness and blaring pain from her aching muscles.

Fatima's vision cleared enough to get a decent look at Dia; she gasped in horror. Her hand reached out to grab Dia but ended up falling forward instead, "Oh my, Dia! You're not hurt are you?" The concern on her face was staggering when she had almost been completely corrupted and taken over. Fatima wouldn't have been herself anymore, and Dia would have been forced to put her down. "It wasn't that guy who took you last night, was it? With the silver hair? I remember, he tried to make me forget, but I remember." Dia blinked in surprise; it wasn't like Grey to mess up something like that, or to rush through it.

"Just lay down! I'm going to get myself cleaned up, and then I'll tell you what happened."

"You promise?" Her green eyes gazed up into Dia's with a pleading concerned look, much like a puppy.

"I guess," Dia replied uncertainly if she should or not. The blonde was content with that answer and laid back down, allowing Dia the chance to grab the articles of clothing and retreating to the bathroom to finally wash up. The blood in her hair had started to dry and cake on her scalp much to her dismay; it would take forever to wash out.


Steve came back into being, for a moment there he felt lost, suspended between time and space. With his willpower, he came back into existence and questioned what the hell was in the demon. There was no way a novice demon like her could have bested him, nor should there be any reason she had such an ancient demon energy in the first place. He stared down at her from a place she could not spy him even if she looked.

It didn't sit right with him, there was nothing natural about her, that's what had been bothering him the whole time. He was relieved Dia had made her way back, while he had to gather the rest to inform them of what happened, he didn't want to leave her unguarded. Wistfully he wished he had succeeded in taking over Fatima; he wasn't going to try that again, there was no point if Dia put a shield in place to prevent it from happening again.

He watched a moment as the girl steadied herself to stand up, Dia hissed from the bathroom, "did I tell you to get up?"

"But I have to make dinner," Fatima faintly replied lying back down in defeat. Steve wordlessly turned away to find the others, more investigation into Fatima needed to be done; there was just something that wasn't right with her.

He sped out through the walls, looking at the Camaro parked in front. "If that is still here by the time I get back I will be surprised," He told himself right as another one sped down the street and briskly parked right next to the other one. Steve realized right then why Dia went missing, and by the looks of it, she skipped out on another bet as Grey glided out of his non-shine black Camaro, the exact opposite of his glossy white one.

He rushed over to the other vehicle inspecting the damage. His face remained neutral, but his eyes betrayed him for a moment as they blazed at the sight of the dried blood stains left upon the driver's seat. He had the choice now to spend the money to replace the seating, or just buy a brand new car, more than likely deciding on the latter as long as it wasn't his favorite car. "It's replaceable anyways," he spoke through his teeth to himself.

Perhaps he would have killed Steve if he could only hear the hysterical cackling coming from the poltergeist. He had no clue that he was even there, though Grey was well aware of their existence and despised them for their constant passive aggressive harassment. Walking into his office to have books thrown off the shelves and other items being moved or swapped out for something else was quite displeasing. Grey, however, wouldn't kill them if they had been alive, but instead made them so horribly miserable, they might have begged to die regardless.

Steve gathered his wits and resumed searching for the others, running off in the opposite direction of Grey who stood at the face of the building deciding if he wanted to break in this time, or just walk in as he had before.

He decided and strolled to the alleyway, the sun had finished setting, and the darkness settled in undisturbed. Being that he was taller than Dia, he had a much easier time scaling the side of the building, pausing when the boy saw him as well.

"I ain't saw nothin'" the kid replied turning around ignoring Grey. He entered through the window that was left open and closed it. Disgusted by the mess of the room, he asked why Dia insisted staying here. He wanted to blame them for not having a cleaner apartment, but not everyone had a full house cleaning staff. He stepped out into the hallway into the full apartment.

Fatima peered her head up from the sofa, taking notice of the sudden figure standing in her apartment. Once realizing who it was she scurried to her feet, still dizzy and nearly fell over again. "Dia, that man is back!" She warily called out.

Dia rolled her eyes, "of course he is," she muttered and proceeded to finish washing herself off.

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