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Rise and Fall Ch 18

"And the hardest part of this is; I don't think I know my way back home ~The Grey"

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"Let's run away, far away from here," A face blurred out but feelings undeniable, that was what she wanted as Fatima gazed over the horizons of Hell. They were alone, or so she thought, no one else ever paid her much mind, just as if she were a ghost in the background.

"I don't remember how I got here," she muttered letting her face furrow in confusion. The figure with her sighed almost knowingly the answer to her statement. She felt like he told her multiple times before but never could remember.

"No one ever really knows how they descended into this place unless you were a corrupted fallen angel."

Fatima shook her head, "No, I don't remember how I got here, right now." She walked up to the edge of the cliff they stood upon gazing up at the ceiling. "I escaped, how can I be back here?"

The figure laughed as though she told a joke, "I said let's run away not do the impossible."

"But I did leave; I lived in the mortal world."

"And how did you leave?" it mused.

"I climbed out, and I did it once I can do it again, and again as many times as I have to," she held herself defensively as it laughed once more.

"Perhaps it's because of your clean soul, you never belonged here, dear."

She turned whoever it was still blurred out, poorly erased from her vision. "How could you be so certain, I could have committed horrific crimes." The feeling didn't sit right within her soul, the unjust aching pain that she could have been cast down without proper judgment, she knew deep down she never had the chance to prove anything.

"What made you leave?" Its voice was wafting to her gently urging her memory to spark up.

"Why? I was alone down here." She sighed defeated.

"Were you?"

The thought stung, "no, not always. Bryan, however, made sure of it that I always was, however. Made sure I was never comfortable, that I never had a single moment that wasn't anything else then suffering. Trying to break my spirit."

The figure lightly mused, "are you sure that's what he was trying to do?" Fatima nodded what else could have been her brother's reasoning? "I don't think it was," it teased, skirting around her to look at the view she fixated on. "I know you have doubts on what his goal is, his plan for you. Him edging you on, keeping your interest and ensuring you never swayed from your goal and never had a reason to stay."

She assumed at first that he had sent Joan after her to kill her or bring her back, but then she found out he had hired Sarah to keep Joan away from her. It made no sense, he wasn't fond of her or anything like that, and without her power, she wasn't even useful as a tool. While she was in hell, he hired demons to attack her, and that was the only interaction she had with the majority of them. "He wanted me to leave Hell."

"Yes, but what made you leave?" The familiar figure pushed the question again, clicking the memory in place with the sudden realization of where she actually is and who she was talking to.

"He tore you apart in front of me." Her only friend by the end of it, the only creature who gave her the time of day to dare cross Bryan's strict orders. Always a secret, She had to hire him at first too, Still a foggy memory as to how and why, but begrudgingly they became friends. Neither regretting the decision for a single moment.

"By now you figured it out, I came to make sure those two stayed out of your head tonight. They have something planned, and I think you deserve more then that, so whatever it is, don't let them win," and it disappeared leaving her alone once again. She stared at the ceiling determined.

"I will rise above them, just watch I won't fall again."

"I will fall, and you won't stop me, I won't come back," Dia stated with such direct confidence. Her mind long since been made on the matter, the other angels would all try to stop her, but she was done with it all, their hypocrisy and facade. "I'm not killing another soul for you, all those people, all those creatures over the years so much that was unnecessary, just to feed your ego. Even those who devoted their whole life to you, yet you claim to be all merciful. I'm not going to pose as a saint, I'm far from those angels who act so loving and perfect; however, I'm not going to be your pet killer anymore." Her defiance to comply was commending as she listened to the reply.

Her mind drifting to her partner Dark, he was going to be hurt when he finds out, but by then she'll be long gone and far ahead of him. There's little doubt that he will come after her, she was the only thing that he cared about, and yet that wasn't enough. It couldn't be enough to make her stay; She only wished that he will eventually come to the realization that no matter how hard he tried, he cannot stop what was to be her fate.

"You can command me to stay and obey all you wish, but I know the truth, and the truth is, I'm free. Unlike the other angels, unlike those who blindly follow, even Lucifer whom you cast out. I'm free from your rule; you're not the one who made me."

"Of course I didn't," An ungodly voice rang out, Dia clenched her jaw in disgust as another angel appeared before her. His aura was blinding as he let his presence be known. Once it died down, it revealed a boyish face with curly blond hair and willowy body type. Large billowing wings with fluffy feathers dragged on the ground, draped like a cape.

"Where is-"

"Not here, hasn't been for awhile now," the angel nonchalantly cut her off. "Now why is it that you want to leave my dear Dia? Are you dissatisfied with your rank, you are one of the favorites, there isn't much to offer regardless." Dia hissed at the statement; she didn't want to converse this with him.

"Michael, You will not stand in my way."

He playfully tilted his head and peered at her, "I have no control over your actions, but I must tell you, you are making a grave mistake. One such as you to achieve your rank as an archangel is nonetheless surprising." His tone held a bitter note, disappointed by her decision.

Dia laughed dryly, "One such as I? You speak as though I committed heinous crimes against God and humanity itself." Crimes you, yourself are committing as we speak.

"Oh Dia, your beautiful soul has long been tainted, Your halo isn't as clean as it seems. How your sins don't weigh your wings down is beyond me. And no matter what I do, I will never have a soul as pitch black as you."

His words stung for a moment, though it didn't show on her face. Insulted, however, she stretched out her wings and array of light blue feathers with pale pink light radiating off each one like a flame. Done talking it was time for action before she was chased out of heaven and sent to hell instead. She let the show of her wings dazzle the angel before swiftly diving from the clouds their kingdom resided. Before he could say another word in protest before he could bring up things best kept locked away. Most importantly before Dark found her and her plan would have been stopped at that moment, as she wouldn't be allowed alone for many more years.

Dia awoke with a jolt, how long had it been since that had occurred, why remember it now and what significance could it possibly hold. Fatima was still sound asleep next to her, breathing slightly harsher than normal, must not be a good dream. Placing a hand on her head, the blond was burning up as a result of what her mind was seeing. Crawling out of bed there was no point in trying to fall back to sleep; she knows she wouldn't or if she did; be met by the continuation of the same dream.

She felt the presence of two more of the boys but too faint to depict which ones. The next few days will tell who they are as their energies replenish enough to become apparitions once again. Dia slowly drew a breath as she contemplated why they just didn't wait for her, but it didn't matter now.

Coming out into the main room, Sarah was still under the spell. It must be a tempting reality for it keeping her under for so long. Mark sulked in the corner keeping a watchful eye. They flickered over to notice her standing there before going back to Sarah. Not a word spoken as Dia left the apartment and headed for the roof.

In what was hoping for a clear dark and jeweled sky had been met instead with the dismal dark clouds, red from the light pollution of the city. A down pour was threatened to start at a moment's notice. The shrill wind howled past that would cause most to shiver and wish they hadn't forgotten a jacket. Dia, however, didn't notice the cold, as she went to stand on the edge of the building.

How dim the city looked at this time, where most of humanity locked themselves away until a later hour. Street lights illuminated the space, but a void of all life. The world seemed to let out a hush, then a moment of silence as the soft pit-pat of rain slowly began. Dia stood there letting the water splash upon her face, taking in the peacefulness of the moment before stepping off the roof and plummet to the ground.

Her landing soft and gracious, recoiling down like a tiger about to pounce. Her knees didn't even buckle upon impact, though the ground was unforgiving if she had landed badly. Then off she ran into the early morning storm.



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