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The Strange White Man 39

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As dawn approached Carpenter drew the heavy drapes in his car to protect him from the rays of the Sun. He then took a seat in one of the plush chairs and recalled all the memories that the hypnosis had awakened and he wept.

He wept at the memory of the deaths of his parents and their friends. He wept for the love and concern that his old mentor Felsar had shown. He even surprised himself at weeping for Holly, he really missed her and hoped she was all right. He would not linger here much longer as he longed to be with her. 

 Meanwhile back in Springwood: Holly was also feeling loss that Carpenters absence created and she was surprised at the depth of her feeling. She had been a saloon girl since she came to this town sixteen years ago. She had many suitors and lovers but never took a shine to any of them, she mostly provided her charms for money.

She did not consider herself a real prostitute because she would not sleep with just anyone ,no matter how much money or gold dust they offered. She smiled remembering how she had tried to kill Carpenter on their first meeting just to rob him and he how he attacked her and she became his confidant. Who knows how long that arrangement might have gone on if the Carlson brothers had not attacked her and left her for dead.

She remembered Carpenter finding her at deaths door and how she begged him to make her a vampire and all the adventures that followed.

Meanwhile back in Sinking Wells: The blacksmith known as Stiles was working at becoming an expert roper and rider, it was a long process. The owner of the blacksmith shop was so happy with his work that he allowed him to stay in the room in the loft for free.

It would be late at night after the town was asleep that Stiles would pull out a special project he had been working on. He hid it away during the day so no one could accidentally stumble upon it.

Tonight he dug it out and tried it on. It was a collar built out of scrap metal that fit him securely and locked with a key that he carried hidden in his boot. He double checked to see that it did not interfere with his breathing or swallowing.

He then put on a dress shirt and his string tie over it to ensure that the collar was invisible under his shirt. He looked at his reflection in mirror and he compliment himself on doing a fine job.

"Lets see ya bite through this," he said out loud to himself.

That evening when Brother Sebastian arrived he found that Carpenter was in a depressed state of mind.

"What is wrong my friend?"


"You cannot lie to me. You are homesick and you miss you lady."

"Does it show that much?"

"Only to me."

"Our sessions have provided you with some pieces of the puzzle of your rebirth, but we have just scratched the surface and I am sure there is more buried there."

"What are you saying?"

"As you are not in a good frame of mind I suggest that I accompany you to your hometown and we work from there."

"You would do that?"

"I have not met one such as you in the last one hundred years and I do not wish these sessions to end with unresolved questions."

"What do you purpose?"

"I will take a sabbatical and accompany you home. I will reside in this train car if that is OK with you and at night we can continue our sessions."

 Carpenter left the train car and went to the local Western Union office and telegraphed the railroad company and arranged for his car to be hooked up on the next train passing through. He then sent a telegram to Miss Holly to advise her of his homecoming.

Brother Sebastian went to the head of the university and gave them notice of his sabbatical and he advised the monastery that he was leaving for an unknown length of time. He then packed his books and research papers along with a stack of letters of introduction.

Less than a week later the locomotive chugged into the train yard in Springwood, Carpenter was home again and was very happy. The car was moved to a private siding and they waited until nightfall to head to Carpenters ranch. They had just set foot on the front porch when Holly flew out the doors and into Carpenters arms.

Holly momentarily forgot herself and allowed her blood tears stream down her face as she held him. Then remembering the Monk was standing next to him she headed back inside lest he see her face. Holly went to the washbowl and after wetting a cloth wiped any traces of crimson from her cheeks.

The men entered and closed the door behind them. When Holly turned around they were both smiling at her.

"OK, what's so funny?"

"Holly, I want you to meet Brother Sebastian."

"I already met him on the day he first showed up."

"No, you met the illusion. This is the real Monk."

When Holly turned she saw fang teeth in his mouth the same as they had. Holly then curtsied and then welcomed the Monk to their home.

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