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The Strange White Man Part 16

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 Holly was enjoying her time in the territorial capital. She spend a lot of time shopping, not an easy task since most of the stores had closed by the time she was up and active.

She solved the problem by leaving an envelope for the morning concierge with her orders and instructions on where the packages should be shipped, either back home or delivered to her hotel room. She was renowned for her generous tips so never had a problem receiving her items.

There was only one bad event. It occurred when Holly opened the wooded packing crate that carried the supply of cows blood that was used to keep her hunger at bay. To her dismay she discovered that only one bottle remained and it was less than half full.

There was nothing to do but hunt. Dressed in her most provocative outfit she exited the hotel and headed up the street to the bar that allowed unescorted women to enter. When she was far enough away from the entrance to the hotel and the eyes of those arriving and departing she adopted a stagger as through she was intoxicated.

It was a ploy to attract the right kid of prey, and it worked.

She had just walked past the ally that led to the livery stable when a pair of strong arms pulled her off her feet and into the darkness. The man was tall, broad, drunk and filthy and his partner was no better. By their dress they had just come off the ship that was now in the harbor unloading its cargo.

" Oh Missy, the things I am gonna do to you," he slurred as he buried his head between her cleavage.

She actually allowed him to whiff the perfume she had dabbed there and to feel the silkiness of her cool breasts pressed against his unshaven cheeks before she she broke the bear hug hold he had on her. One small hand grabbed a handful of greasy hair and yanked him backwards exposing his neck and she quickly attached her mouth to it and drank deeply.

His friend was frozen in fear that the scene before his eyes.It was only when when he saw his shipmate's body crumple to the ground and the face of the attractive blond with rivulets of blood leaking from the corner of her mouth that his feet found movement and he fled the scene.

It was a false start at best because she caught him before he was less that 10 feet from her. One of her small hands covered his mouth to muffle his screams while the other pulled him down so she could easily reach his neck and drink her fill. When she finished he was carried him back to where his friend was sprawled in the dirt.

A search of their bodies revealed that they both carried wicked looking knives. She then arranged the men to give the appearance that they had engaged each other in a knife fight that had mortally wounded them and they expired on the spot.

She then slid quietly up the alley back toward the street. Holly glanced around to be sure that no one had seen or heard anything. When satisfied that she was alone she discretely nipped her kerchief in the horse trough and cleaned any traces of her repast from her face before she returned to her hotel.

Carpenter arrived a few days later thanks to the non-stop service that Texas Jack offered. He told her all that happened and that they were safe for the moment. She told him of what she was forced to do until he arrived with a fresh supply of cows blood. She was rewarded with a smile and his pronouncement that and he was very proud of her.

"I cannot believe that I was strong enough to overpower him so easily," she stated.

"As I told you in the beginning you are still a newborn to this life, and your skills and strength have not yet fully developed."

The railroad company had just recently set up a repair shop in town as the trains was expected to start running service to California by the end of next month.Carpenter arranged to meet with an agent of the railroad and over dinner he placed his order for a private rail car. The rail agent was happy to accept his order and the money and guaranteed that the car would be completed as soon as possible.

In the casino that night they listened with great interest to a visiting gambler extolling the virtues and wonders of California and the city of San Francisco. Carpenter had passed through there yeas ago and was unimpressed by what he had seem, apparently things had changed. So Holly and Carpenter invited him to join them at their table.

"Is it really as beautiful as you say?" Holly asked.

"The weather is always beautiful and its a now bustling metropolis with shops and restaurants to rival New York City," he responded.

They plied him questions which he happily answered and libations which he gladly accepted as the card had been unkind to him as of late and his money was low. Later than Evening when they were alone they talked at length about the future based on the information they had learned.

" We shall soon visit that city," Carpenter told her.

" Why?"

" It is always desirable to have a second residence."

" So that's why you ordered the rail car?"

" Prior planning is our best friend."

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