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All too soon the holiday vacations ended and school resumed. Bruce continued to pick Amber up every morning and drive her to school where they parted company until lunch. They still looked forward to having lunch with each other and spending the afternoon...

Anonymous 7 years ago

When I was five, I lived in New York. I didn't know, nor care if I was popular or not. I was just there, and played my own way. I later grew to learn which side belonged to me. As I look back, it seemed to me that I was the most forgotten and least likabl...

Stiles was supplied with a horse and a pack mule by his employer and began the long trek back to the town of Springwood. As he rode he started to formulate his plan to expose that dance hall harlot for what she truly was and the only obstacle was the man...

Stiles stayed put in the small town he had arrived at a few weeks ago and spent most of his days in his room reviewing his notes and writing in his journal. In case of his demise, natural or otherwise, this journal would be a guide to whomever took his pl...

7 years ago

The Strange White Man Part 24

Stiles confronts Holly

They chatted late into the Evening about the upcoming visit. Each person had a task to perform once they arrived in town and it was gone over repeatedly to ensure there were no mistakes. As Holly bustled about performing her house cleaning tasks Lafayette...

7 years ago

The Strange White Man Part 23

A new plan is hatched

Just after sunset, Carpenter and Holly exited the cave and headed for the house. Ever the gentleman he held the door open for her and allowed her to enter first. Upon stepping across the threshold she froze in place because standing there at the kitchen t...

7 years ago

The Strange White Man Part 22

Cousin Jasper arrives.

The man who had been Aunt Lilly was now Cousin Jasper Sloan. Shortly after he arrived at the hotel he combined two of the trunks he brought with him into one. Before switching disguises he contacted the desk clerk who arranged to have that one trunk taken...

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 Holly was enjoying her time in the territorial capital. She spend a lot of time shopping, not an easy task since most of the stores had closed by the time she was up and active. She solved the problem by leaving an envelope for the morning concierge with...

8 years ago

The day after her birthday Jen was up earlier than usual as she had a special reason to get to work early. She was s surprised by her Moms sudden appearance in the kitchen. It seems that despite all her attempts at being quiet Mom heard her, she filed awa...

8 years ago

Jen's Flight. Part 1

Jen needed to get away

In the wee hours of the morning, while the rest of her family slept, Jen was packing. A towel wedged under her door assured the light in her room would not be visible from the hallway and invite anyone to inquire if she was OK, she was not OK. An old mili...

8 years ago

My Wall Divided

First love changes you

Before I begin, I would just like to say that I’m not proud of most of the things that I’ve done. I’ve always put myself into certain situations without any regard for the consequences. My story isn’t as intense as some others might be, who have written t...

Anonymous 8 years ago

I shouldn’t be timid anymore, but every time I could never bring myself to step up and call to attention that this was wrong. I sat by myself at the table this morning. Raven and Fei were still sleeping off the trauma of yesterday’s events. In fact, I was...