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The Strange White Man Part 19

Plans made to deal with this new enemy.

As soon as they arrived at the ranch Holly leapt off the horse and headed straight for the house and the stash of cows blood that was hidden there. She felt better after consuming a full bottle and apologized to Carpenter again for her actions.

"It's just something else you will have to overcome and you will in time just as I did."

"That man is dangerous."

"Yes he is, but we still have the upper hand."

"How do you figure?"

" I am willing to bet that he believes that you are a vampire and I am not because I did not react to his action.We can use this to our advantage."


"He will be watching your movements and probably ignoring me and that will give me time to formulate a plan of action."

"Well first I will need to telegraph for some assistance."

Holly looked puzzled but did not question him. Later that evening Carpenter slipped into town unseen and headed for Texas Jack's room at the hotel. He knocked on the door and just as it happened the first time Texas Jack answered with six shooter in hand.

When he saw who it was he chased away the dance hall girl he was in the process of entertaining and invited Carpenter inside. Texas Jack had served him well with no questions asked so he felt safe making this new request.

"When are you heading to the territorial capital again?" Carpenter asked.

"The day after tomorrow."

"Would you post a telegram there for me?"

"We have a telegraph office here."

"I would rather not."

"Is it because of the Stiles character that has been asking a lotta questions about you.?"

"He spoke to you?"

"He tried, but I told him to git and stuck my Remington in his face to make sure he understood."

Carpenter smiled and tossed a small bag of gold coins on the table and handed him an envelope".

"That is for your trouble and this is the message I wish sent"

"Consider it done."

Two days later Texas Jack strode into Western Union and gave the operator a telegraph to send. The message was rather lengthy but seemed run-of-the-mill so the operator gave it no second look and began to tap the key.

A few hours later in St.Louis, Missouri a messenger boy rode his bicycle to one of the poshest residents and knocked on the door.

A uniformed butler answered his knock and informed the boy there was no one named Lilly residing here. The master of the house was sitting in his study heard the butlers conversation and almost ran to the door when he heard the word Lilly.

He came to the door took the telegram and generously tipped the boy and took the telegram into his study and read the message before he rang for his butler.

"Is there anything upcoming that would prevent me from taking a trip?" he inquired.

"No Sir."


"May one ask a question."

"Of course, Ambruster."

"Do you know this Lilly person?"

"Yes I do and she will soon be in town and I will give the message to her personally."

"Very good, Sir"

The master then went up to the one room that all servants were forbidden from entering, even his most trusted butler. The room was full of trunks that he had used when traveling. Lafayette Bonnet was a classically trained actor that had traveled the world performing.

His talents were in great demand and had made him wealthy so he could now choose his roles. He had recently returned from a long stint on the road and looked forward to resting, but the telegram changed those plans.

The message came from his friend Carpenter and it was written in a code decided by them years ago and only the two would understand. Carpenter required his assistance and he was only to happy to oblige him.

He began to move items from one trunk to another and after about an hour he he now had two trunks ready for travel. When he finished he rang for his butler again and met him at the door.

"When are you going into town?' he inquired.

"This afternoon. Is there something you wish?"

"Yes, go by the train station and purchase a ticket for the next train heading West."

"I will not be going with you?"

"Not this time old friend."

"Very good, Sir."

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