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JamesPBear 2 months ago


Chrissy was beaten, but never defeated.

This is not my story, it’s Chrissy’s story, and you’ll understand why she’s not telling it in a while. And it’s a true story, though I’ve changed the names and places for obvious reasons. The beginning of the end happened when my wife and I drove, fr...

AnnaMayZing 7 months ago

The Long Road Home. Chapter 28

Men were shouting, others groaning and, beyond it all, the perpetual drone of the bombers.

Chemnitz, February 14th 1945   Katarina was sitting in the cab of the third lorry of the convoy. A few minutes after the air raid sirens began, they tailed off into silence. She couldn't be sure whether it was because they had sounded the warning for...

AnnaMayZing 2 years ago

The Long Road Home. Chapter 3

The six, wing-mounted machine-guns barked for a brief moment...

Taranto. January 17th, 1943   Maria stood on the quayside and watched the ship slowly disappearing into the distance, unaware of the approaching danger. Suddenly, her superior officer, Oberstabsarzt Bernhardt Ritter, grabbed her arm. “Come on,” he sa...

AnnaMayZing 4 years ago

Kindred Spirits, Distant hearts. Chapter 10.

She jumped and cried out in surprise as she felt a hand grip her shoulder.

Berlin. May 27th, 1941   Since returning to the Charité, Katarina had immersed herself totally in trying to run her ward as efficiently as she always had but things were very different now. Medical supplies were becoming scarce and interference from...

Anonymous 4 years ago

Through the meadow she softly tread; Her bruised and broken body bled;Careful to weave to and fro, no droplets left behind to show; The path she took for her escape, on the night of her brutal rape;He was passed out drunk once again; and didn't stir...

Beesting 4 years ago

Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 8A - Finder's Keeper's

Sam and Ripley decide to take matters into their own hands and rescue Eduardo

THREE DAYS LATER    October 13th, 2040 – 10:15 Sam stood in front of his best friend, Doug, and Selena. They looked at him with worried eyes. “You want us to do WHAT?” “Look, Sam,” said Selena, “Doug’s right. That sounds crazy. I know you feel bad an...

A late night drive, what I need, a chance to embrace the speed, No cash or slips on the line, just me riding the redline An open road, just two lanes, leave behind the dulling pains Nothing near but trees and hills, it's time for some full speed thri...

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CKAcres 6 years ago


Why can't you forgive me for being me?

In my dreams last night I found myself sitting at the dining room table. Like so many times years ago, my report card spread open on the table in front of you. Your fingers again grasping my dreadlocks, tightening more and more as you continued your...

CKAcres 6 years ago


Even fish can imagine they are flying.

Everyone needs an escape,a fantasy place to go. Where they can dream, not being what others suppose. Reality can be let go for a time,while singing a different song. A place so far away,it can only be serene. Where prying eyes can't see,dreaming tra...

Create my escapeAs I stand hereWithout even moving an inchAs soon as you see me, I’m travelingAway from the world I live in The brief time that we spend togetherAn eveningA coffeeA nightWhisks me awayA mere look at your faceAnd I’ve touched down in s...