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The Strange White Man Part 21

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Lafayette slept from about 2:00 AM on Sunday until around 9:00 AM. He awoke and made a meager breakfast from the leftovers on the dinner tray that was brought yesterday. He then made coffee and began to formulate a plan to help his friend before he began the extremely lengthy process of becoming Aunt Lilly again.

Once finished and double checking his appearance in the large mirror he grabbed a parasol to help with his ruse and then shuffled out the door to seek out Marcus and request a buggy so she could ride the property. Marcus and the other ranch hands had been given instructions from their boss to allow her to wander where ever she wanted. Before she departed they cautioned her to give the Indian burial ground wide berth.

Lafayette rode to the road that led away from the ranch and stopped about a half a mile on the road that leads to the ranch entrance. A small but powerful spy glass was withdrawn from the handbag he carried and was used to give him a sense of distance of what someone else might see. He did this from several places on the road before moving on. This piece was a powerful piece of equipment, a present from a riverboat captain and not available to the general public.

He then rode into town and took in the sights. Those he encountered did not see an male actor but a very personable old lady. Even when the sheriff approached and introduced himself and inquire about Miss Holly he was unable to see through the disguise.

"You are so kind to ask. Such a foolish thing that man did."

"That man has been warned to stay away from her, Mr.Carpenter and his ranch."

It was at that point that Stiles approached them. Now to see if this man was as sharp as Carpenter feared. The sheriff made the introductions.

"So tell me Miss Lilly, doesn't it bother you to see these two living in sin?"

"Young man", she responded in a perturbed voice, "Not that it is any of your business but for your information Miss Holly has a her own room."

The sheriff looked at Stiles. "First you say shes a demon and now you accuse her of being a whore."

"Excuse me but my hearing is not what it use to be. Could you repeat that again," Aunt Lilly asked.

"Mr Stiles here has the notion that Holly is some sort of demon."

"What nonsense."

"Have you ever seen her outside during the day?" Stiles asked.

"Plenty of times. Friday is wash day and you come by the ranch and you will seen her hanging out the clothes."

"From the road only," the sheriff warned.

After making some purchases at the general store and the butcher shop he prepared to head home. All those he encountered during his shopping never suspected that they were really speaking to an actor in disguise. After arriving home he prepared lunch for himself and upon finishing his repast he then repacked his traveling trunks.

He forced himself to take a nap so he would be awake and alert when his friends reappeared and be able to stay up longer. Holly and Carpenter reappeared again just after sundown and found him sleeping still in the Aunt Lilly disguise. Over a quick dinner he related to Carpenter all he had learned and what he had planned.

"I think its time for Aunt Lilly to return home and your cousin Jasper to visit," he told Carpenter.

"As you wish," Carpenter responded before he left the house and instructed Marcus to drive Aunt Lilly to the train station Tuesday morning. The 11:00 AM train was right on time and with the help of the conductor Aunt Lilly boarded and once seated she waved goodbye to Marcus. At the first stop she deboarded and made his way to a hotel used by actors.

The letter of introduction signed by Lafayette Bonnet was accepted by the day desk clerk and a bellhop was summoned.

"I won't be staying long and will probably be gone before you return in the morning," she informed the desk clerk.

"As long as you tell Mr Bonnet that you were made welcome and comfortable," the clerk responded.

"He will be informed."

Once in her room and the door closed and locked he removed his Aunt Lilly disguise and stored in away and began to the transformation to Cousin Jasper. Aunt Lilly had served her purpose but was limited as to what she could do.His Jasper disguise would make what he had to do so much easier.

Written by The_Count
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