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AnnaMayZing 5 years ago

The Gathering

Queen Ariane feels it in her heart but knows not why.

Inspired by the work of Anne Stokes, 'Solstice Gathering'Ariane stood atop the castle battlements and looked out across the heavily wooded landscape that stretched far into the distance as far as she could see. It was the twenty-fi...

Lafayette slept from about 2:00 AM on Sunday until around 9:00 AM. He awoke and made a meager breakfast from the leftovers on the dinner tray that was brought yesterday. He then made coffee and began to formulate a plan to help his friend before he began...

Kayk 7 years ago

I fly on the back of a black bird,soaring high above the ground.Together we have adventures,playing as we fly around.Sometimes I miss the world below,but I am not welcom...

You hear my words  But don’t get the meaning You hear my jokes  But don’t understand them You see the surface because I allow you to see  Never scratching below the layers of me I sit and silently watch  Without bei...

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Puppyjo 10 years ago

What's after, death us do part?

really, really man's best friend

We watched a video about a dog called Hachiko. Richard Geere played the lead - a western professor in Japan. This is the heartrending story about his dog... What’s after, “death us do part”? He loved the professor since he was a puppy...

catgirl1992 10 years ago


You just stand, watching, waiting…

Falling from the skyFloating slowly downSo white, so lightCold like iceMaking us warm insideGracefully fallingFalling on your faceMelting fast on your skinLike ice on a warm summer dayKnowing only one thingStanding...