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The Strange White Man Part 29

Stiles and Kilgore's story continues

Stiles drove the buggy at breakneck speeds from the farm house back to the train station. Due to the amount of jostling and bouncing Kilgore was forced to hang on tight and refrain from asking any questions lest he bite his tongue or lip. Upon their arrival he told Kilgore to have his engineer run full steam as time was of the essence.

Once underway and after downing a few brandies Kilgore finally asked Stiles what was the urgency for him to return to his home.

"We don't know if your children were dead before their blood was drank or it was the drinking that killed them."

"What difference does it make?"

"If they had just expired there will not be anything to worry about. If they were alive then there is a possibility that they too are now undead."

A chill ran up Kilgore's spine and he involuntary shuddered.

"Please explain?" he asked.

"There is documented proof that those who are killed by the vampires bite will arise as a vampire themselves even if it happened over a great length of time. Now if the victim had recently expired then nothing happens."

"They don't drink from dead bodies?'

"No, they prefer live."

Four days later the train pulled into the station of a large Southern town where the horse and buggy he had uses at the start of this journey was waiting and a short time later they arrived at the Kilgore mansion. Kilgore noted that all the help seemed nervous and frightened. He waited until the luggage was brought in and they had taken a seat in the parlor before he summoned his butler.

"This is Clarence," he said in the way of an introduction to Stiles. The colored manservant gave a slight bow to Stiles.

"Now Clarence tell me what is going on around here?" Kilgore asked as he poured a glass of his finest sherry for all them. It was only after Clarence had drained his glass that he began to talk.

"Master, there have been attacks on some of womenfolk in town."

"What kind of attacks?"

"Throats cut."

"Anyone died?"

"I don't rightly know."

"You usually know everything that's going on in the city."

"I don't go into the city at night anymore, that's when the attacks happen."

"I need to know more."

"I am sorry Master, but you best be speaking with the Sheriff if in you want more information."

Stiles and Kilgore rode into town together and went straight for the Sheriffs office. As a founding father and one of the leading citizens we was well received. The Sheriff was hesitant to respond to Kilgore's questions with Stiles being in the room.

"This is Mr. Stiles, he is my new assistant."

While the Sheriff did not totally relax in the presence of this stranger he did answer Kilgore's questions. Yes, there had been a number of attack on some of the female residents. They had been pulled into alleys and had their throats slightly cut with. Mary Lou Hess was attacked as she walked past the cemetery one evening which lay between the library and the edge of town.

"Can they describe their attackers?" Stiles asked.

"Some say it was a man and others say it was a woman, most of them refuse to speak about it."

"When did the attacks first happen?"

"About the time you left town, a few days after the funeral."

"What is being done?"

"I have organized a posse and we walk the streets at night , hell we even checked out the graveyard."

"No luck?"

"None, so we have been telling the ladies to stay off the streets at night."

"You know what we have to do," Stiles said as they rode back to Kilgore place.

"Yes, I know."

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