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Hunting Stories


Rise and fall Ch 16

What's this, oh my god, climbing from the bottom takes way to long~ comeback

"It reeks of blood," practically tasting rotten metallics pieces lingering in the air, the stench corroding his sense of smell, Dark stalked the streets, now that the hour is long past the majority of humans being out and about. As much preferred the nigh...

Eloise's First Deer

setting: 1959 Western Montana, sage covered Confederated Salish & Kootani Reservation range land

Lee handed his eight-year-old daughter a shotgun loaded with a pumpkin-ball. She couldn't shoulder the heavy shotgun correctly, and the pumpkin-ball had less than the range of a football field. It was safe enough. His thinking was that he would send Elois...


Rise and fall Ch 13

Close your eyes but I won't go away, we're there for you ~avantasia the Haunted

The world was a whir of green and brown as his feet felt like they were flying. Freedom was possible, he just had to make it out of this hell first. His steady breaths were calm as he dashed through the underbrush, ignoring the snags and cuts, calculating...

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The Strange White Man Part 29

Stiles and Kilgore's story continues

Stiles drove the buggy at breakneck speeds from the farm house back to the train station. Due to the amount of jostling and bouncing Kilgore was forced to hang on tight and refrain from asking any questions lest he bite his tongue or lip. Upon their arriv...

An Accidental Killer

Just because I'm a mercenary, doesn't make me a bad man.

I suppose you want to know my name. Fine, I’ll tell you. I’m Nick. My full name is Nicholas Michael McMasterson. Now that you know that, stop smirking and just listen to my story. It isn’t spectacular, it isn’t sexy, nor is it really that exciting, but it...

This morning I saw those black ducks, the ones that eat fish, through my bedroom window. We seem to have lots of them, but a few years ago I never saw them. Pointy beaked things? Yea.That's a fish-duck, or a cormorant, the kind of bird the Japanese used t...