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The Therian-Chapter Nine

"Is my Father still alive?""
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She was making her way back home from Amara's cottage, having been assured she was safe to go to her cabin now. Her mind was oddly calm given everything she just learned. She lived in the wilderness with werewolves. 

First thing was to find out what happened to her father. The next thing was to get the hell out of dodge and go back to America, get a job, and move on with her life. There was too much going on here that she did not sign up for. Having developed a plan gave her gait purpose and she was walking into the small clearing surrounding her cabin in record time.

She came to halt, some sense telling her she wasn't alone. She looked up and standing in the doorway were Klaus and Damien, each leaning against one side of the door frame, making sure she couldn't avoid them. She took a deep bracing breath, squared her shoulders, and walked up to them, refusing to stop as she neared them. They moved aside for her. That was a small victory. She wasn't sure how she knew that but it was. 

She halted when she took in the cabin though, smirk fading. The fading wallpaper was bloodied, and so was the wooden wall where her father had slammed her against it. Her blood was all over the floor. Shattered glass glittered dimly under the light coming in through the window. Clearly, she'd put up a struggle.

On the couch where she'd woken was the medkit. Why had her father bothered to patch her up at all if he was just going to kill her? Then again, a child killer probably didn't have the sanest of motivations. She took a deep breath, very aware of the two werewolves behind her. If they wanted to talk they could talk. 

She needed to be doing something. She grabbed the paper towels and they watched as she cleaned her own blood up from the floor and walls. Only once she grabbed the broom did she finally break the silence. 

"Is my father still alive?" She kept her voice calm and gentle even though it felt kind of like someone was screaming in her head. The broken glass from the gun case tinkled as he swept it into the dustpan and threw it away. It didn't take her long to get rid of any evidence of foul play. The only indicator was the busted gun cabinet. 

"He lives. He was sent to emergency surgery, to fix the damage Damien did to him, and once he's recovered enough, he'll be jailed." 

"How will any of this be explained to the authorities?" she questioned. 

"The village nearest us is all werewolves who have chosen a less rustic life. They are all pack." Klaus was answering her, but it was Damien's presence she felt the most. She understood at that moment that she was furious with him. She knew it made no sense to blame him for what her father was, for being the catalyst for things coming to a head. But all she could think of at that moment was how if it hadn't been for him, she could still be holding out some hope that her Father actually loved her. Suddenly she wanted to rip into the man who'd saved her life. 

She took several moments to gather herself and turned to face them. Damien's eyes bored into hers. Searching. Whatever he found there he seemed to expect. He nodded at her once and then left the cabin. Klaus watched him go and seemed to want to say something. 

"Defending him isn't in your best interest at the moment," she murmured. Klaus held up his hand in a placating way. 

"Lily, there are things you need to understand. I know you want to run away. I can smell it on you, but you cannot leave here." His sincerity alarmed her. Gone was the mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes. Gone was his ever-ready smirk. 

"What do you mean?" she asked. 

"There is a reason we sought you out when you showed up. There is a reason Damien tested you that night when you moved in." She remembered that night well. It looked like she would finally be getting some answers. She sat down on the sofa and he sat next to her. 

"Go ahead," she said. 

"I know that by now Amara has told you our origin story?"

"That Damien is a Lupus Antiqua?" she asked. 

"It makes sense you'd focus on that part. Yes, he is. But what concerns you are the others that are not immortal who received the moon Goddess's gifts. Some of them, lone wolves, choose to live amongst humanity with no pack to support them. Your mother was such a one." 

"How do you know that? How do you know she wasn't normal?" she whispered. It made sense, combined with her father's horrific tale, but she wanted all the information. 

"As soon as you entered our territory we knew one of our own had come. Yet you did not shift, and you lived with a human. It was not hard to figure out that you were a half breed. It happens when a lone wolf or Therian chooses a human for a mate and has a child."

"Are you saying I'm not human, Klaus?" 

"I'm saying you aren't completely human. Have you ever been sick? Were you always faster and stronger than your classmates? Do you have a strong sense of smell?" She blinked a few times as tears threatened to spill. She felt sick. She was only part human? 

"Stop," she whispered. 

"I cannot. You must accept what you are Lily. You belong with a pack that can support and protect you. Can you guarantee the other hunters know nothing of you?" Her eyes widened and she looked at him in shock. She hadn't thought of that. 

"They definitely do," she whispered, horrified. Klaus nodded. 

"These monsters kill children, Lily. They won't have any problem killing you. The hunters use the powers of seers, and if we had killed your father, they would have known. It buys us time to prepare for those that will come. When your father fails to check in with them, they will send hunters to investigate why. If it gets back to them how large this pack actually is, they will send a small army of hunters. Keeping your father alive buys us all time. 

Damien has connections which will prevent utter disaster from befalling the pack, but you will not make it on your own. You need us. You need Damien." 

"And if I refuse?" she questioned.

"Then we will let you go, Lily." He looked very sad when he said that. "But please consider staying. You can make a life here, find a mate, have pups, lead a full life surrounded by the pack who will protect and care for you. You will never be alone." 

A tear fell and she brushed it away. 

"But Damien..." Her voice shook. "I..." 

"You blame him," Klaus guessed. Lily nodded and he sighed. "You know that isn't fair don't you?" 

"Yes, but I can't help it." Klaus leaned in and hugged her gently as if trying not to break her. 

"We can give you two days to decide. Three at maximum. Damien and I will come for your answer. Please, think about it. Which monsters will you trust?" He smirked sadly and then quietly left her alone. Once the door clicked shut she let it all out and started to cry in earnest. It was all just too much to process at once and she'd reached her limit. Hadn't she been a normal girl just a little while ago? 


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