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The Therian-Chapter Six

""Very well. It was a test." "A test of what, my ability to handle a B and E?""
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She walked towards the living room and paused next to the healer witch who'd helped them. The woman was watching Klaus and who she assumed was Damien as they visited with Natasha. The little girl was staring up at Damien adoringly. It was clear she loved him. Perhaps they were related. 

"So, what's your name?" she murmured to the woman. The lady smiled at her. 

"Amara. I provide healing to the locals around here since the hospital is so far away. I'm also the local midwife."

"I'm Lily." 

"I know."

"You do?"

"This isn't a big place as far as population goes. A new resident is news." 

"Good news I hope."

"Certainly. You saved that girl's life. If you hadn't found her and thought to call Klaus, she'd have bled out in the forest. She and her family owe you a life debt."

"No one owes me anything," Amara smirked. 

"That isn't how they will see it." She gestured towards Damien. 

"It was no more or less than anyone should do in that situation. Speaking of which it's been a hell of a day. There was a pack of smokes in my jeans, did you..." 

"On the kitchen table."

"Thanks." She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cigarette, walking outside. Whatever the three of them were talking about, she had a distinct impression that she wasn't welcome. It threw her off. Klaus had always been welcoming but now it was like she was an intruder.

Lily knew this wasn't about her. She knew that this was probably in her head but she suddenly felt lonelier than she ever had. The shock of finding a girl, a child bleeding to death in the forest and the events that followed it were only now sinking in and she was starting to shake. 

She blinked away unexpected tears and took a long drag on her cigarette, blowing the smoke out slowly, letting the chemical rush soothe her. She was halfway through when the door behind her opened. 

"You have my gratitude." The deep voice pulled her to the present and she turned around slowly to see him for the first time up close. Masculine features, yellow-green eyes that seemed to see more than she was comfortable with, broad shoulders, and a muscular frame gave her a sense of being seriously outclassed in every way. Something inside her screamed that she was prey. She ignored her gut reaction. He wasn't being aggressive at all. Maybe she was just projecting her emotionally erratic state onto him or something. 

"I'm glad I found her in time," she murmured. "I never asked Amara; do you know what happened?"

"Natasha was shot."

"Shot?" She felt her brows raise as surprise registered. "Who would shoot a child?" 

"She is not the first. There have been many such incidents. She is the first to survive it, however."

"That's awful."

"And you knew nothing about it?" His eyes were boring into hers. Indignation rushed through her. 

"You think I shot her?" She could hear the anger in her own voice. Klaus walked out, expression wary as he looked between the two of them. 

"I think the shootings began when you and your father arrived and not before," Damien growled. But then his expression softened slightly. "That said, no. I do not believe it was you who shot her." What he left unsaid rang in the air anyway. 

"You think it was my Dad?" Klaus stepped forward. 

"It is a hard coincidence to ignore, you must admit," he murmured. His expression was sympathetic as if her father's guilt was a foregone conclusion. 

"No. No way. My Dad is an asshole, okay, but he wouldn't shoot someone!" 

"Do you truly believe that?" Damien questioned, his eyes narrowed. 

"Of course," she murmured. "If anyone should be under suspicion maybe it should be the guy who sneaks into women's rooms and grabs them." There was no real venom in her voice, but her words had the desired effect. The suspicious, questioning look left his gaze. 

"Natasha was asking for you." It was a dismissal if she ever heard one. With a sigh, she entered the living room and crouched down by Natasha. 

"Hey, sweetie." The little girl smiled. 

"Thank you, Miss. Lily."

"Anytime. Are you in pain? Can I get you anything?"

"No. Miss Amara is taking good care of me." She shifted slightly and winced. "I know you love your Daddy. But I heard what Damien said to you. He thinks your Daddy did this to me."

"Did you see who did?" 

"No. They shot from behind." 

"I'm sorry, sweetie." She brushed her hair from her face and pulled the blanket up a bit higher so Natasha would be warm. 

"Just, please don't ignore Damien. He's never wrong. I don't want you to get shot too." Lily smiled warmly at the girl. 

"If anyone tries to shoot me, sweetie; I'll shoot them first." Natasha giggled a little, then winced. "You should sleep, Natasha."

"I will. Will you come and visit me?" 

"If Miss Amara is okay with it, I'd love to." She glanced over at Amara who nodded and smiled. Seemingly pleased with her answer, Natasha burrowed into the blanket. Lily stroked her hair until she fell asleep. 

Lily stood up and stretched, making her way into the kitchen. Damien was standing by the window. Amara told her to have some tea and made her way into the living room. Damien turned to look at her, watching carefully as she made her tea. 

She sat at the kitchen table and returned his stare. 

"What was that? That night when you broke into my room?"

"That is not for you to know."

"Says you. I don't recall making you the king of my life." He turned to face her fully. 

"I am not used to people speaking to me like that." Lily raised her eyebrow.

"I'm not used to people breaking into my room and telling me to submit." The corner of his mouth tilted up slightly. 

"Very well. It was a test."

"A test of what, my ability to handle a B and E?" 

"No. I can tell you no more for now." She studied his expression very carefully. He seemed sincere and genuine like he wasn't hiding anything she wasn't ready to know. For some reason she found herself trusting his judgment. She blinked and shook her head a little. It seemed like he had some sort of powerful charisma about him that she was highly susceptible to. 

"You guys are all about the cloak and dagger around here aren't you?" He cocked his head as he watched her sip her tea. 

"I suppose it must seem that way to you. For now, just know that you will know everything in due time. Keeping it from you is for your own protection. He walked up next to her so that she had to look up to meet his gaze. He cupped her face in his hand as his eyes captured hers. "We will not forget what you have done for Natasha." It was only after the front door closed behind him that she wondered what he meant by 'we'. 




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